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Other stories

The stories here are from any other location in Quatorze & Aigha's universe than Jainah, Revnash or Dorelion, or might even they take place in this world.

The Gh¨Şa is the story of an enterprising Tuschian young man, in the seaside city of Gherto.

The rest here are stand-alone stories:

  • Royals and Top Gallants follows a young Tuschian duke when he finds himself onboard a strange ship in rather strange company.
  • Sacrilege/Redemption takes place in a temple where dancers are trained.
  • Bodyguard takes us from boredom to action.
  • Words Are Very Unnecessary is all about the senses,
  • Missing Pattern about absurd obsession, and
  • Einstein about this one clever little guy.
  • In Love Shack a weekend trip turns strange and then very strange. ..
  • True Enough introduces us to a young man who thinks he just might be gay
  • Underage is an old piece poking fun at certain age restrictions
  • Falcon gives a glimpse into a masquerade


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