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Dorelion is a fairly long and narrow country located on the Dorelion peninsula. It is separated by mountain ranges both from its huge northern neighbour Revnash and from its eastern neighbour Chademien. In the south, west and also mostly in the east Dorelion is surrounded by sea. See here for a map.

Never Forget The Importance of Style takes you to join the cream of society on the south-eastern coast of Dorelion in the company of an irresistibly charming young man.

A park. A warm morning. A pair of Boots in a Flowerbed. What does it all mean?

Some are born to sweet delight... but how does one cope with it? Into the Light is a sequel to 'Boots in a Flowerbed'.

The rest of the stories are one-shots:

  • Basking is a sidetrack to 'Boots' and 'Light', with Kim and Chaim in Dirna
  • Heartthrobs gives us a peek at Toni and Rashim from 'Light'
  • Before the Race takes us to meet one of Chaim's ancestors
  • The Morning After and Still Life are stand-alones that take place in the university town of Siriash
  • Melt and Someone to Play With are stories from the sunny Dirna
  • NEW: In Unfinished Portrait; Charcoal on Paper we get to meet a man taking stock of his life

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