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Kim and Chaim in their Albatross Nest, in Dirna, during or after "Into the Light". Just plunge in.

- Written in September 2004. Rated MA.



The rustle of a tree branch overhead startles him awake. He glances up from his book, blue eyes blinking in surprise, then slumps back into the garden chair as he identifies the offender. A bird, a nondescript greenish brown thing, has landed on the slender twigs and now peers down at him with shining beady eyes. He smiles at it, then looks suspiciously towards the sun hanging over the horizon. It has somehow, inexplicably, plunged there since he last looked, and surely that couldn't have been more than an hour ago.

There's no one in sight. Just the bushes and trees twisted by the eternal wind, and the white wall of the house behind them. And he's actually getting hungry. But they've just finished lunch, haven't they? How come he's hungry once more?

He sighs, closes his book slipping the silken bookmark between the pages, gets up, stretches his back lazily. Combs fingers through dark curls. Everything's so silent, so peaceful. All right, maybe he has got lost in the book, and more time has passed than he's realized... not the first time, either. Aren't they both used to it by now?

He pads to the door leaving his sandals underneath the chair. The slabs are smooth under his bare feet, hot where they are still kissed by the sun, cool in the shadow of the house. The door is open; it usually is.


No reply. He tiptoes in, holding his breath in the silence, ears pricked for the faintest sound. The big living room is empty, the baby grand piano closed, nobody sitting by it. Water babbles quietly to itself as it flows in its canal, and he smiles.


He checks the rooms, one by one. Library, empty. Drawing room, empty. No reason to peek into the guest bedrooms. Their own bedroom, empty. He frowns, worry rising now from the pit of his stomach.


The bathroom door - it's ajar, now he notices it, and behind it he can see the glimmer of water reflect from the shining tiled walls, cool and comforting. He quietly pushes the door open and grins.

Long arms have been spread along on the rounded edges of the large bathing basin, head tilted back to rest on a folded towel. Gleaming blond hair raked back, slightly wet. A slight smile on the lips. Long dark lashes casting a shadow on the cheeks.

"DelChaim... surely you haven't fallen asleep there?"

The smile deepens before the eyes open, slowly, and the head turns a little. Those deep brown eyes look into his under heavy lids, solemn and playful at the same time.

"Wouldn't dream of it. I was waiting for you."

"For me?" He shakes his head. "How long have you been waiting? Why didn't you say anything, silly, just let me read on?"

"Oh, I was in no hurry!" Chaim sits up a little and leans on an elbow. "I don't mind waiting because I knew you'd come eventually. Come on, Kim. Join me."

Of course he'll do just that. How could he not to? But he feels it his duty to grumble some more as he goes closer and opens the sash that gathers his moss-green tunic close around the waist. "Really, I've been reading for hours and you never said a thing! Shouldn't let me get carried away like that. Aren't you hungry at all?"

"That can wait," Chaim hums and watches as Kim pulls the tunic over his head and tosses it towards the clothes rack next to the door. "And I can wait. But not indefinitely. Lose those, will you?"

Kim yelps when a few drops of water hit his bare stomach and thighs. "That's what I'm doing," he growls and pushes fingers under the waistband of his tiny briefs, "and if you're so impatient all of a sudden, why are you doing your best to - ack!"

A sleek, watery monster surges up from the basin next to him and clasps two glistening arms around his legs. He loses his balance, grabs Chaim's shoulders for support, and then the monster lifts him over the edge and lets him slide into the water as well, briefs and all, holding to him tight. Not letting him fall.

"Chaim, you're crazy," he splutters, and the kiss and water are slippery and taste weakly of nut, the nut oil that Chaim loves to put in the bathing water. Chaim is slippery too, but Kim knows how to find purchase and lets his legs wrap around the man's torso as they sink to sit in the basin, arms around each other, lips pressing together.

"Yes -- crazy about you," Chaim mumbles. "So cliché and so true. Sorry, I just couldn't wait any longer."

Kim laughs and hugs Chaim's head closer, fingers sinking into thick hair. "You're crazy and silly and funny and I love you," he tells the man and rubs their noses together, one slightly upturned, the other elegantly curving. "And you should've told me to come sooner, maybe then you could've waited until I undress completely before joining you!"

"Are these perhaps something of a problem?" Chaim's dark eyebrow arches teasingly, big hands play with the soaked garment. "I don't think so, Kim, I really don't..."

But they are a problem for Kim, just because they are so clingy and tight, and he rubs his hips and his soaring hardness against Chaim's belly, feels the touch of Chaim's erection against his nearly bare buttocks. He grinds closer and his lover takes pity on him, peels the wet briefs down and helps him to stand up and kick them off.

Kim chuckles as he steps out of them, has barely time to see Chaim's grin and then his breath hitches with a squeak of surprise when a warm mouth closes softly around his prick. Fingers dig into flesh and Kim trembles, his foothold all but sure, but Chaim's arms clasp his thighs, hands squeeze his tight round globes and keep him from falling. Kim's mouth is open, he throws his head back and groans helplessly at the firm suction, at the gentle-rough swirl of tongue on sensitive flesh. His legs want to give in, but Chaim is holding him and he clings to the man for support.

The assault has taken him by surprise and Chaim knows what to do, it doesn't take long before Kim just can't hold back the blast of pleasure that leaves him gasping, nor the moan that escapes from his throat when he comes into Chaim's mouth.

"Let me... down..." Kim pants, knees about to buckle. Chaim lets him sink down in his lap, gathers him close, chuckles. That low purr that makes Kim's balls tighten and a hot spark of want flare up inside him, every time, even when he's not sitting in Chaim's lap and feeling how the man desires him. He lets his fingers twine the ashen hair, now much wetter than a while ago, and tries to catch his breath.

Chaim is absolutely beautiful like this, eyes laughing, droplets in his thick lashes. "I'll never let you down," he says, lips very red, and Kim feels a blush creep up to his face when he thinks of what those lips just did. He has done the same to Chaim, many times, and yet he still blushes when he actually thinks about it. But Chaim doesn't mind, he never does. He just smiles and winks, so that Kim blushes even more.

Right now, though, Kim wants something entirely different. He rocks in Chaim's lap, legs around his lover's hips, and presses closer to the sleek cock nudging his bottom, stroking him just behind the balls, teasing at his hole. He wants it, he wants it now, and Chaim watches in fascination as Kim twists his slim body and begins to prepare himself.

He's never done this before, never been quite this eager, and he's embarrassed and wants to look away, his lids fall to half-mast and yet he cannot turn his eyes from Chaim's. Chaim kisses him, licks his neck, sucks the skin behind his ears, nuzzles his wet curls, mutters encouragement.

"Take your time, love," Chaim hums but Kim doesn't want to wait any more. His fingers close around Chaim's erection and stroke it gently, those profound brown eyes flutter closed at the touch and Chaim hisses his approval, sinks deeper to almost lie on his back on the bottom, as Kim positions himself and guides the shaft in. Slowly. So slowly. He has to stop for a while, Chaim pulls his lower lip between teeth in an effort to hold still, oh how he'd want to push up but he waits until Kim is ready. He always does.

And then he's all the way inside and neither of them can wait any more. Chaim rocks up, arms rising to gather Kim close. Lips mesh together, hands clutch almost painfully tight because water makes everything so slippery, their bodies, their skin, their hair, and the kisses. And the erection sliding out and in again, deeper, making Kim groan at every exhaled breath.

It feels - indescribable. 'Good' is too bland a word for this, what he shares with Chaim and what he feels for Chaim, how he feels when Chaim is strong and open and vulnerable and passionate in his arms. Gentle and yet almost rough with lust. Kim loves him so much, but especially like this when Chaim holds him tight and murmurs something incoherent, eyes hazy, face tight with something that is close to pain. He rocks with Chaim and a breathless laughter rolls from his throat, or actually from somewhere far deeper inside him.

Afterwards Kim squints at the blinding reflection and chuckles as he realizes that he didn't imagine it after all. That he really actually did see stars, kind of. The sun is now low enough, its slanted rays come in through the long, narrow stripes of window that run in the upper part of the walls, up where the wall meets the ceiling, and hit the stripes of mirror in between. The entire bathroom is bathed in the reflected light, golden and blinding bright, it turns even Chaim's silver-blond hair into gold. Kim threads his fingers through it and smiles.

"Cold?" Chaim mumbles into his chest, tongue making tiny circles around Kim's nipple.

"Soon," Kim sighs. It's true, the water hasn't been hot to start with, and now that he has time to notice it, he's beginning to feel less than warm. He nuzzles his face close enough to kiss Chaim, to nibble his lips. "We must wash ourselves."

"Mmm," Chaim agrees. "Give me the sponge, you can reach it better."

Lazily they wash each other, crawl up from the basin and wrap themselves into bathrobes. Kim observes in passing that he has scraped a knee on the tiles of the basin; when, he has no idea. No matter, it's just a scratch, but Chaim still considers it necessary to topple him on the bed and kiss his knee thoroughly. It tickles, or maybe it's rather his fingers on the sensitive skin at the back of the knee, and Kim wriggles and tells him in vain to cut it off.

But somehow he's not being too forceful about it, and finally they fall asleep on the bed among rumpled, discarded bathrobes and even more rumpled bedcovers, arms and legs entangled together. They don't as much as stir when Dalen quietly peers in and goes to tidy the bathroom. There isn't even a sigh when he, some time later, pulls the bathroom door closed behind him.

Chaim's face is buried in the crook of Kim's slender neck, and his arm rests on Kim's naked body. The simple band of platinum, his only piece of jewelry, shimmers faintly on his finger. Dalen smiles a little and closes the bedroom door very very cautiously. Then goes to tell Tim that they need to keep the dinner warm for a few more hours, and isn't it a good thing that they didn't hurry with it in the first place?

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