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Welcome to Distant Horizons!

In order not to catch you unawares, we'd like to give a little warning:

Distant Horizons is the home of original fiction by Quatorze and poetry by Aigha. You'll also find here some art connected with the stories. Please note that all stories here contain gay romance. If the idea of homosexual love makes you uncomfortable, then this is certainly not the place for you – please go someplace else and forget that you ever stumbled here. The stories might also contain language and situations that are not suited for underage people.

But if you're an adult with an open mind, then by all means, friend, please explore further.

There are several completed novels and short stories, some ongoing stuff as well as poetry. The stories are rated according to the guidelines of, please have a look.

Our fiction takes place at various locations. Please choose above your desired destination from the links above!

This site was last updated June 20, 2009. Have a look at Updates to see what has changed!

Unless otherwise stated, all content on this site is copyright © Aigha & Quatorze. All characters, settings and stories belong to us. All rights reserved. Do not copy or redistribute in any form.


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