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Where to find slash fiction:
Uniquely Pleasurable
Our favourite sites of original or fanfiction:

Jambery - tasty Weiss Kreuz fanfiction by Jambery

Chalcedony Cross - more Weiss by the amazing Chalcedony Cross

Museboyz - Missa's Museboys. Weiss and original fiction.

Scribblemoose - deliciously smutty fan and original fiction

Flustered Cookie - really good original fiction!

Ephebian Paradise - absolutely fantastic original fiction, with amazing characters. We love... - truckloads of crap, but also some gems - basically the same as above, but original fiction

- These are just a few, more will be added as we have time...

Online Yaoi/Shonen-ai Manga

YWAM - by Aoi Hayashi

Schism - by Leigh Bader

Some sites with artwork worth seeing:

Kiriko Moth - beautiful art to view and to purchase

Studio Dink - all we can say is WOW!

Torquere Press - publishers of gay & lesbian fiction


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