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The country of Revnash stretches thousands of miles from east to west and hundreds of miles from north to south. In the south it borders to the sea, in the north-east to the Great Lakes and in other directions to mountain ranges. Its south-eastern neighbours are Dorelion and Chademien, in the east there is Chamer-Derameosch and to the west Baran-as-Dorjat.

Dayn Armallah is a long lost city situated in the already mythical past of Revnash, and this is the story of a young scribe from the city.

The following stories all tie together:

  • Ravens, Owls and a Nightingale is a story from the past of Revnash, but from much later times. The heyday of Castle Deleon is still just something in the future, but already during this story it's a big place and with a lot going on.
  • The series of snippets in Knowing Blade gives glimpses of the very early career of Count Daynar, the mercenary captain we have met in "Ravens".
  • The same characters also feature in several one shots: Terms of Service, Stroke of Genius and Goodbye take place before the events of "Ravens", Captain & Mate and Give & Take tell about some intimate moments during "Ravens", while the events in Happy New Year, In the Bathhouse and Homeward Bound come from somewhat later times.

Honor Bound tells about Knight Rogher, a travelling knight who returns home after a long visit to Revnash with a minstrel in tow. His story takes place a couple of centuries after Ravens. This story has been completely rewritten and is now complete.

Old Rose takes us to a more recent era in Revnash: in the ultra-conservative times of Queen Varentha, two young men travel to the more bohemian south-eastern part of the country.

In Tracks of my Tears, we follow the unexpected reunion of a man and his ex-lover in modern-day Revnash.

Second Thoughts is a one-shot located in modern-day Revnash.

Woods White with Fire and Golden Rivers are collections of poems by two Revnashi poets.

The last two deal with a certain mythical beast from Beltrionas. Perchance to Dream has earlier appeared in the Torquere Press anthology "Myths", and Sweet Dreams tells of another such creature in his den.


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