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A short biography of Shantiam below. Other titles here are poems by him.

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Shantiam (1114-1201); a Revnashi poet

Shantiam is undoubtedly one of the best-known Revnashi poets, by later generations in turn labelled as either notable or notorious. As is the case of many a literary and artistic figure of his era, his claim to fame does not arise from his art alone.

Little is known of his early years. Born in 1114, Shantiam was probably orphaned at birth, and although his name and appearance are undoubtedly more reminiscent of Donjati than Revnashi origins, he was received at an orphanage in Ath Elear, Co. Beltrionas in 1115. As a result of these meagre beginnings in life, Shantiam had little formal education. In 1132 he settled down in the town of Tamellar, Co. Dharyos, where his first work, a collection of poetry by the name of Mountain Breeze, was published in 1138. His next three collections were also first published in Tamellar, but he only won wider acclaim after his fifth collection, Woods White With Fire, was published in Deleon in 1151.

Shantiam had moved to the capital the same year. He lived there a very much domestic life, which no doubt would have received little attention, had it not been that he shared his life with no less a figure than Viscount Krischmerion an-Beltrionas (1123-1206), a naval architect best remembered for his involvement in the establishment of passanger ship traffic between Revnash and Dorelion, the widely popular Dirna ships.

In Deleon, the couple made no secret of their affair, and was one of the first male couples ever to go public. Befriended with the royalty, leading a public yet far from notorious life, Shantiam and Viscount Krischmerion helped to create an atmosphere of acceptance towards homosexuals in general. In the royal court, Shantiam made friends with such figures as the court painter Farome, HRH Prince Daryann and his life-partner Duke Sharetel an-Levaral. He became a prominent figure in the wide circle of artists of various fields supported and sponsored by the princely couple. On his numerous trips to the Southern Dorelioni holiday resort of Dirna, he also became part of the brotherhood of gay artists residing there, most notably the author Chaiell and the sculptor Ossden.

In 1167, as the first Revnashi male couple ever, Shantiam and Viscount Krischmerion adopted four orphan brothers. Shantiam lived the rest of his life in Deleon as an active participant in the cultural life of the capital. In addition to poetry, Shantiam wrote some works of historical and fantasy fiction. Shantiam died in Deleon on 11.8.1201.

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