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Below you'll find a short biography of the poet Arkadi. The rest of the titles here are his poems.

- bio & poems by Aigha


Arkadi (1230-1304); a Revnashi poet

Arkadi is the pen-name of Berel Ferinem. He was born on 4.8.1230 in Ourecz, Co. Khajanne. A son of a wealthy merchant, distantly related to the countly family of Khajanne, he received an excellent education in his home and attended the Kherenes Preparatory School from 1245 to 1248, majoring in literature. Following the tragic death of his musically talented twin brother at 18, Berel severed all connections with his family and moved to Deleon, abandoning all acedemic ambition.

In the capital, he worked at various jobs, including livery stables and an inn, and began his writing career by contributing stories and articles for local journals. In 1252 he met a musical young man with whom he developed a fast friendship, and the famous songwriter duo Daryann & Arkadi was born, Daryann composing and Arkadi writing lyrics.

Their first collection of songs, Songs of Twilight, was published in 1254, and, due to its huge popularity, was reprinted only three months later. The following year another song collection appeared, by the name of Singing Leaves. Later in 1255, Arkadi published his first collection of poetry, Night. The collection contained all of the poems earlier published as songs, and was as immediately successful as the songs. It was, however, his third collection, Golden Rivers, published in Deleon in 1257, that established him as one of the most notable literary figures of the era.

Arkadi never married, but lived all his life with his partner Daryann (pseudonym of Baron Czeithor an-Adhelas, 1227-1304), a renowned lutist. Both of them celebrities, this was something of an accomplishment in a time when a mere suspicion of homosexuality could result in imprisonment. The couple participated most actively in the cultural life of the capital. Together they published several song collections, and Arkadi followed the lutist on his frequent concert tours around Revnash and in Dorelion, occasionally providing articles about them for various periodicals. After King Damenyor succeeded to the throne in 1270 and life in Revnash took a turn towards more liberal in most respects, Arkadi was nominated a court poet and Daryann a court musician. They both died in an accident in 1304.

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