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Planet Jainah

Jainah is a Terraform planet located in the area of the Ziroshel Union. The solar system has two inhabited planets (the other one is called Jehan) orbiting around twin suns.

Mount Robillard is the tale of a rebel group fighting against the Ziroshel Union. Rated MA.This bunch of rebels has for years been engaged in a fight against the Union, but now the rebels are facing new challenges.

The saga continues in Traces of Doubt. Rated MA. In an interplanetary holiday paradise, a man accidentally stumbles upon events that have a surprising effect on him and his plans.

The rest of the stories here are one-shots, featuring the same location and set of characters as the previous novels. To make yourself acquainted with them, we seriously suggest you read at least Mount Robillard before tackling these. All rated MA.


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