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Displeased Shaun is determined to find out where exactly he stands in his relationship to Fonzo. Takes place right before the epilogue (ch. 35) of "Mount Robillard". Thanks to Alexandria for prompting me to get this done, and to Dean for encouragement.

- Written in December 2003. Rating MA.


Handle with Care

It didn't look too bad. Not bad at all, for a face. Broad forehead, high cheekbones, fair skin. Rather sharp chin with a small dimple in the middle. A narrow, slightly upturned nose. Nearly black, strong, straight eyebrows. Bright dark blue eyes framed by long lashes. All this topped by black-brown hair, cut short around nice-looking ears (as verified by a slight turn of the head) and chopped in the front so that it formed a ragged fringe on said forehead. Everything in order there.

Neck, nothing in particular to be said about that. Shoulders, not overly broad but in perfect harmony with the rest of the slim body they belonged to. Neatly muscled arms. Long-fingered hands. Flat, toned muscle all over, understated but definitely and visibly there. Narrow waist. No body hair, except for the dark curls around appropriately sized sex. And behind? Well-formed back, muscle playing under supple skin, firm round buttocks, their outline flowing smoothly down to long thighs and calves. All this supported by a pair of feet standing in the middle of a small puddle of water. Everything in proportion, presumably well pleasing to the eye, nothing too much, nothing too little. Or was there?

The eyebrows drew into a frown, eyes below them narrowed thoughtfully. Was there something they couldn't spot, something not to like, in the sight reflected by the wall-high slice of mirror in the bathroom? Slim but strong hands snatched a towel from the rack and began to rub it over the body under scrutiny, intercepting rivulets of water that were still running down from the dark hair towards the feet and floor. The hair was ruffled so that it stood up, face scrubbed dry, pink batches appearing in places where the towel was handled with particular force and soon disappearing again. It was a nice enough body, just as the face was a nice enough face.

Yet obviously they weren't nice enough. The towel was flung back to the rack and the mirror had to reflect only the opposite wall when the young man abruptly disappeared into the adjoining room with a frustrated snort. Another tall mirror, strategically located next to the wardrobe, caught his image as he threw the door open and began to rummage inside it, mouth pursed irritably. Some pieces of clothing were tossed unceremoniously onto a bed, some others held up for a moment under closer inspection and then shoved back in with a huff. They weren't nice enough, either.

A glance at the clock was followed by another affronted snort. It was already an hour past the usual time, and Fonzo still wasn't back from his night off in town! Shaun scowled at the coolly indifferent face of the clock and turned to take a look at the clothes on his bed. Underwear was easy enough, but the rest required some deliberation. He wanted to have a special effect, and it sure would have been nice to know what exactly he should be aiming for. Too bad that Scott had kept him so long in practice, and in that sense good that Fonzo was late. He sighed, slipped into a pair of dark blue trousers, then froze. That was the door at last! Fonzo was back!

He snatched the first top that his hand touched and pulled it over his head while padding barefoot to the bedroom door. A blind stab towards the opening key produced the desired result, and he peered into their little living room.


"Oh, I thought you were out!" The man stopped at his own bedroom door and smiled to Shaun. "What've you been up to?"

Shaun regarded him silently for a moment. Fonzo looked relaxed in his casual clothes, he looked so unlike his usual everyday self in the somewhat military-looking overalls. He always wore those in the Base, and only when going to Trelissac did he don his "town clothes", slacks, shirts, jackets. He looked like he'd enjoyed himself.

Shaun took a deep breath at the lance of jealousy that pierced through him.

"Did you have fun?" he asked pointedly.

"Yeah," Fonzo said, still smiling, tossed the discarded jacket on a chair. "Sure."

"Of course you did," Shaun said and folded his arms on his chest. "You always do. Why do you not simply move, to live there?"

Fonzo turned fully around and looked at him with a little frown. Shaun loved the way those thick eyebrows drew together, the wrinkle that appeared between them, the tiny squinting of dark brown eyes...

"What're you talking about, Shaun?" Fonzo sounded dumbfounded. "Me, live in Trelissac? When my job and all my friends are here!"

"Well, you always have such a good time there that I am surprised you still want to live here." Shaun shrugged. "And I am sure you could find a very good job in Trelissac, too."

Fonzo stared at him, struck speechless.

"You would be so much closer to all the places where you can have fun," Shaun continued. "I mean, surely your friends are not keeping you here when it is so obvious where you would rather be?"

"Shaun!" Fonzo took a step closer but Shaun, exasperated, slipped behind a chair trying to look as if it had been his plan all the while. "You don't really think so, do you? That I'd rather live there than here, where you all are?"

"Why not?" Shaun lifted his chin defiantly. "I have understood that it is so much more fun there - although you never take me along so that I would know exactly why."

"Now that's not true, and you know it," Fonzo retorted. "You've been to Trelissac several times, with me and with others!"

"Never with you when you go there to have fun." Shaun sat on the armrest of the sofa. "So obviously you do not have fun when I am with you, only when you go alone. Why is that?"

"Shaun..." Fonzo sat down and leaned his elbows on knees, laced his fingers together. "It's not because of you. I just go to a restaurant, have a few drinks, talk with people - things like that."

"You can sit and talk and have a few drinks with your friends in the canteen, or in any of our rooms," Shaun pointed out. "That is what you do anyway. So why do you have to go to Trelissac to do the same? Do you have equally good friends there?"

"No," Fonzo admitted and Shaun cocked his head.

"Then they cannot talk with you about things as well as we can."

Fonzo frowned, uncomfortable at the face of Shaun's shrewdness. He had a sneaking suspicion that he was not going to like where this conversation was headed if Shaun had his way.

"Well, no, but we talk about different things," he said cautiously. "It's nice to meet new people, and..."

"Ah, so you cannot meet new people while I am with you? I see." Shaun's mouth pressed into a thin line. "Then I think it is really best if I do not come with you to town anymore. From now on I will request my days off separately from yours, so that you do not need to feel it is your duty to drag me along."

"What are you talking about?" Fonzo stared at him, reached a large hand towards him. "Shaun, what's the matter with you? I don't und-"

"Yes you do!" Shaun batted the hand off before it reached its obvious destination, his shoulder, and jumped up. "You understand perfectly well, Fonzo, and so do I! I really appreciate how nice you have been to me all these years, but you should not feel it is your duty to babysit me any more. You say one thing but do another. You say you like me and that I am your friend, but when I am in Trelissac with you, you cannot meet new people, or talk to them, or have fun. You just practically admitted it yourself, that you need to go to town without me to have fun. I think I am already big enough to take care of myself, so you can have a life too. Would that not be so much easier, to live without all the time having to look after someone? I think I have been a burden quite long enough!"

"Shaun!" Fonzo, too, had sprung on his feet. "I have never thought of you as a burden! You are a very dear friend, and I really care for you, kid. Good friends are never a burden."

"Am I really your friend, Fonzo, or something else?" Shaun yelled. "You just called me 'kid', yet again. Are you sure I am not, after all, just your baby?"

Fonzo went still, hands falling limply by his sides. He swallowed with difficulty at Shaun's challenging scowl.

"What do you mean by that?" he asked at last. Shaun took a deep breath in to steady his voice.

"Exactly what I said," he forced out. "And I think I was right. No matter how old I am, I will always be just a kid for you. You cannot see that I am years older, that I have grown and changed. No, I am just silly little Shaun the S-clone whom you need to look after. Silly little Shaun whom you must take care of, because he is too stupid to understand anything on his own. I know I was like that!" he shouted when Fonzo opened his mouth to say something. "I know it! But that was years ago, and you have taken such good care of me - do you not think that I have learned something by now? Do you think I have not grown up at all?"

"I have watched you grow up, Shaun," Fonzo said in a low voice. "Don't think I wouldn't know that you have. But you are still only seventeen."

"Oh, will you please forget about that for a moment?" Shaun groaned and threw his hands up in desperation. "True, I am not quite eighteen yet. But I am a Union clone, Fonzo. I do not exactly know what it means to be 'too young' for something. I have been learning things as long as I can remember. I have flown in simulators since I was five. I have been flying a real, full-size fighter since I was ten. When I first came to Robillard, you all thought I was around fifteen although I was nowhere near it. I have been out on missions and been praised for my performance in real battles where I have been shooting and killing people. I have been hanging around with you, grown-up guys, for years now. And still I am too young? Will I ever really stop being too young in your eyes?"

He had to stop for breath. Fonzo looked at him, the deceptively slim boy in a tight sleeveless top and snugly fitting trousers, arms spread in a gesture that demanded attention, and swallowed again. He turned his gaze guiltily aside.

"I'm sorry, Shaun," he said quietly. "I guess it's just that I can't really imagine your life, not like it's really been, and I keep thinking that you've somehow lost something. Like you're my little brother that I need to protect..."

"Well, good that you never tried to squeeze into the fighter with me, to protect me!" Shaun's face cracked into a smile for a moment, then he sobered again. "But... your little brother, you said? I guess then it really is hopeless." He turned his back to Fonzo and let his head droop. "I am sorry. Forget that I ever said anything."

"Hey!" Fonzo approached him in alarm and put a warm hand on his shoulder. "What do you mean by that? What're you apologizing for?"

A little hopeful smirk crept on Shaun's lips but he was careful not to raise his head before he got it wiped off again.

"Oh, nothing..." He shrugged, then lifted a pair of pleading blue eyes to Fonzo. "But then, if... if I am your little brother, would it not be your task to introduce me to the big boys' life, too?"

"Wha... what do you mean?" Fonzo's eyes widened. Shaun blinked innocently.

"Well, restaurants. Drinking. Meeting new people. That stuff." He paused to let the words sink properly, then fired his final shot. "And sex. Is that not what you go to Trelissac for?"

Fonzo blushed. He really actually blushed, face turning red from hairline to neck. Shaun watched the novel phenomenon with interest.

"I know that you want to protect me from all sorts of things," he continued blithely. "But I am no more a little boy, I have not been for years. Living with all of you, and so on. And I am curious. I would want to experience something new, too."

Fonzo tried to say something, his mouth opened and closed a few times but nothing came out. Then he snatched his hand off as if burned and spun around. Shaun tried to drill holes with his eyes into the huge, broad back in front of him but failed. The only sign that Fonzo perhaps felt the intense gaze was a slight, defeated hunching of shoulders.

"What is the matter, Fonzo?" Shaun tried hard to sound genuinely puzzled. "Was I wrong then? If you do not go to Trelissac to find a sex partner when I am not with you, then what it is that you do not want me to see?"

Fonzo made no reply and Shaun sidled a little closer, raised a hand to touch a muscular upper arm. Fonzo started at the touch.

"Fonzo?" Shaun prompted carefully. "If I am wrong, I want you to say so."

Fonzo hung his head muttering something under his breath.

"What did you say?"

"I said that you're right," Fonzo croaked. "I have been going there... for that."

"Sex." Shaun nodded decisively. "So you cannot get it here? There are lots of people around, you know."

Fonzo shot him a horrified glance over his expansive shoulder. "I couldn't!" he spluttered.

"Why not? Is there nobody here whom you like? And why cannot I sometimes come with you to town?" Shaun pressed on. "I promise I will not disturb you."

"What would the people think," Fonzo mumbled. "That you're my son, or something."

"I do not think they would," Shaun grinned. "I look nothing like you. Are you afraid that they would think I am you boyfriend?"

"They'd think I'm some bloody pervert, most likely." Fonzo's lips pressed together and he looked pointedly away.

"Pervert? Because you have a young guy with you?"

"That I'm a pervert who likes little boys!" Fonzo huffed. Shaun's eyes narrowed and he folded his arms on his chest.

"So we come back to the same thing," he said in a dangerous tone. "That I am just a little boy. Why cannot you believe that I am not a kid? I am so fucking tired of it!"

"Language," Fonzo said automatically.

"Aaargh!" Shaun screamed throwing his arms up in exasperation. "Language, Fonzo? Language? Little kids are not supposed to swear, is that not what you mean? But I am not a little kid! I think I am grown up enough to be treated as such! What are you going to do next time we need to go out on a mission? Tell Osip 'no, Shaun cannot go, you might keep him going past his bedtime'?"

Fonzo was completely at a loss, he could only stare at the dark clone whose eyes were blazing and cheeks burning red with rage. Shaun was incredibly, impossibly, intolerably cute like that. Rather too cute in fact, something practically begging to be hugged and kissed - swat closed a lid inside Fonzo's head. That was a dangerous thought. Shaun was definitely not something to be kissed, hardly even to be hugged any more because he was simply too gorgeous for words. And what a pervert I am to even think like that! Fonzo swallowed a deep groan.

"Shaun," he tried again. "Please don't be angry. I'm sorry if I've upset you. I promise I won't do it any more, if it makes you feel so bad."

"Fonzo, please understand that that is not the problem," Shaun said unsteadily. "I am eternally grateful to you for everything you have done for me. And you are my very best friend, the best I can imagine. But I do not want to be always just the little brother that you must look after. You have been doing that for so long, and again you are promising me that you will not have a life of your own because of me. I will not have it, not any more."

"Then what do you want me to do?" Fonzo asked desperately.

"What have I asked all the time?" Shaun countered. "If you see me as a little brother, then at least see that I have grown up! I want to be a little brother you can take with you and do things with. Go to town, have fun, all that. Let the people think what they will, it is none of their business anyway. Please, Fonzo."

Take Shaun to town? Take him to the bars, to have a drink, to talk to strangers, to dance with somebody, to be pawed and propositioned and to possibly, inevitably, at some point, to have sex with somebody. Oh no...

"Why not?" Shaun demanded and Fonzo realized that he must have either said something or at least shaken his head to trigger the response. "Well then, I will go on my own. If you do not want to have me there with you."

Now Fonzo was faced with a real dilemma. How could he possibly let Shaun go and try out all that on his own? What would guarantee that Shaun, his Shaun, didn't run into trouble there? Fonzo should at least be there with him to look after him... even though Shaun didn't want it. But, on the other hand, if he did go to town with Shaun, there was no way he could find a distraction powerful enough to tear his attention away from the adorable little elf next to him. Not to mention what he'd do to the first guy to lay a hand on Shaun. Fonzo was not a violent man, had never been, but he suddenly felt unsure of himself. He simply could not look himself in the eye and guarantee that he wouldn't fly into a jealous rage if he saw a stranger getting too close to Shaun.

Fonzo blinked. What kind of a loop am I getting into? I want to be there watching Shaun's back if he goes out, but if I'm there I'll probably reduce into pulp the first guy who starts making moves. Sheesh, I'm really beginning to sound like an overzealous big brother!

Or lover, he added as an afterthought and immediately wanted to kick himself, very hard.

Shaun was watching him closely as he battled his way through the mesh of conflicting emotions, and decided not to give the man too much time to get things into order. After all, such chaos just might do the trick, it might unhinge Fonzo enough to make him trip over words and perhaps to get some things clear.

"But you did not answer my earlier question," he said innocently, satisfied to see Fonzo blink in surprise.

"What question?"

"Why you could not get sex here, in the Base, so you would not have to go all the way to Trelissac for it?"

"Shaun, you know it isn't that simple," Fonzo sighed.

"Why not?" Shaun inquired. "There are so many people here. Not all of them are taken. Is there nobody you would like?"

Fonzo blushed heavily and turned away without answering.

"Nobody?" Shaun went on. "Absolutely nobody?"

"Shaun, you're -"

"Impossible, Fonzo, I know that. But I want to know anyway. Do you not like anyone here that way?"

No answer; instead the man just tried even harder than before not to look Shaun in the eye. The clone smirked to himself - so Fonzo still was unable to lie straight to his face! Encouraged, he slid a few steps closer.

"So there is someone here you would actually like." He nodded to emphasize the words. "But you have not said or done anything about it... why not?"

"I couldn't," Fonzo mumbled indistinctly.

"But why?" Shaun pressed relentlessly on. "Are you afraid the person would not like you? You cannot know it without asking. Or maybe it is a he, and you are not sure what he would think about it if you asked him - but even then, I think you should ask anyway. Then you would know for sure."

"I couldn't do that!" Fonzo repeated more forcefully, voice laced with desperation.

"Come on, Fonzo!" Shaun perched again on the armrest of the sofa and laughed a little. "I cannot believe it would be so hopeless. It is not like you to pine for somebody totally unattainable, so it cannot be somebody who is taken. If it were, you would have made sure to get over it long ago. So it is someone you just cannot bring yourself to ask."

Fonzo stubbornly kept his back to Shaun. When the hell had the kid become so goddamn sly? He tried to think of something to say, failed completely, and just kept his mouth firmly shut. Unfortunately Shaun didn't appear in the least inclined to do the same.

"And if it is someone who basically would be available but whom you for some reason cannot ask, then I think I will start guessing. Perhaps I could help you there! I like you so much, Fonzo, and I would want to see you happy with your life." Shaun looked at the man for a while waiting for a reaction, and when none seemed to be forthcoming he decided to switch to direct offensive. "Even if it makes me unhappy..."

His voice trailed off and Fonzo started, turning to peer at him in alarm.

"What d'you mean?"

Shaun's heart was suddenly beating madly. He was unfamiliar with this feeling. He was afraid, and didn't like it. In his experience, being afraid was not a good thing. It equaled unreasonable action and defeat, and those were simply unacceptable right now. No! Shaun firmly steered his thoughts away from such stupid ideas, focusing again on strategy. Watch your adversary, observe, decide on the appropriate action and keep in mind the overall goal. Strategy...

He raised a pair of large, luminous, slightly sorrowful eyes to look at Fonzo from under his dark brows. "I want you to be happy, Fonzo."

Ah, Fonzo's reaction was definitely encouraging: the man frowned in concern and stepped closer.

"But - what d'you mean 'if it makes you unhappy'?" he demanded. "I don't want you to be unhappy!"

"Do you not see, Fonzo?" Shaun tilted his head a little. "If you love somebody... it means that I..." He quickly turned away, head bowing demurely. "I am sorry. I should not say such things to you."

"Shaun... you will what? Please tell me!" Fonzo took him gently by the arm. "I want to know. Please."

"No." Shaun shook his head, lower lip trembling a little. "I should not."

"Shaun!" Fonzo tried a more forceful tune - well, as forceful as he could manage, considering that this was Shaun he was talking to. "What are you talking about now? What's wrong?"

"I am so silly." Shaun was proud of the slight tremor in his voice, even though in all truth it wasn't completely fake. He was really, really nervous. And Fonzo's big hand touching him made his knees want to go soft. "I should of course understand by now. That I am just your little brother."

"What's wrong with that?" Fonzo inquired, more and more baffled.

"Everything!" Shaun snorted. "It makes everything hopeless!"

"What do you mean?"

"Just that - hopeless!" Shaun turned around and glared up at Fonzo. "Because I know that brothers are not supposed to love each other, not in the way that involves sex."

This time Fonzo really tried to say something, but his voice had deserted him completely and thus the road was clear for Shaun to start using heavy artillery.

"And because I am your little brother, you will never be able to love me that way. But you see, Fonzo, I do not think of you as a brother. Scott is my brother. You are - something else. And that is why this - this all makes me unhappy."

Damn, this was not supposed to happen! Shaun bit his lip in desperation, blinking hard. His voice was not supposed to break in mid-sentence. Luckily Fonzo was still gaping at him completely dumbstruck, too dazed to try and formulate even a single word, which gave him the precious seconds to get his vocal cords under control again.

"I have been looking up to you all this time," he said throatily. "You have always been there, with me. My best friend. And I have been hoping so much that you would see me that way too. Not as a kid, or a brother, but as a friend. Somebody very special."

"You are a friend to me," Fonzo managed, even though his mouth felt like he had just taken a good bite of the dusty soil of the plains, and even though he knew he shouldn't say a word right now, because he was just going to lose what little foothold of reality he still retained. "It's just that you're so much younger than I am, so I feel that I need to protect you. That's what -"

"So you do not see me as just a little brother after all?" Shaun asked hopefully, and Fonzo could only shake his head warily. The boy looked up at him, features brightening. "You do not! Oh, Fonzo, I am so glad to hear that! Maybe then I can say it, after all!"

"Say what?" Yep, Fonzo had definitely left solid ground and was now standing on thin ice with abated breath, but what else could he have done? He couldn't exactly tell Shaun not to say it, whatever it was, could he now? Of course not!

"Well..." Shaun stepped closer, face downcast, and darted a quick, bright blue glance up to the big man's face. "You go to town to find a sex partner, but you do not have anybody in particular there. It is just sex. So... would I not do?"

Fonzo's mouth fell open. Shaun's slim hand rose to touch his arm, crept still a little higher to slide up and down his biceps. For some reason those fingertips felt very hot, burning even through the shirt sleeve. And they didn't stop.

"Would it not be far more convenient?" Shaun went on. "We live together anyway. We are friends. I like you. You like me. And I would like it... very much."

"Shaun... no." Fonzo finally found enough of his voice. Shaun tilted his head back to look steadily into the man's eyes.

"No?" he repeated. "What do you mean? Do you not think I am attractive?"

Fonzo managed to swallow a handful of the desert sand in his mouth. "Yes, you are very attractive," he was forced to say. "But I care for you too much."

"Now I do not understand." Shaun pursed his mouth. "You care about me and you think I am attractive. You are my friend, always there to look after me. And I am a big boy, big enough to be curious about sex. So why could you not make sure that my first experience of sex is nice and good? Because with you it would certainly be all that."

In a flash Fonzo understood why, after living for years practically glued to Scott's side, Lancer still sometimes had that totally defeated look on his face. It was the look that was invariably followed by a long-suffering sigh and the huffed words 'clone logic'. Clone logic was very sound, incisively straightforward, irrefutably logical and thus very hard to argue with. It invariably left one with that sinking feeling that one really should've seen the blow coming long ago, and that one should've been able to do something to divert utter defeat, the approach of which one could usually sense long before it actually happened.

The exploring hands had climbed up to his shoulders. Shaking his head, Fonzo gently took a hold of the wrists and tried to pry them away from himself, but instantly the fingers curled into his shirt and tightened like a clamp. Shaun's eyes held a determined glint.

"Why not, Fonzo?" he demanded. "I like you. I like you very much. And I will not let you go until you look me in the eye and tell me you do not want me at all."

His body, so small and seemingly fragile although in truth it was anything but, pressed closer as he looked up to Fonzo, arms tensing. It was a densely muscled body, every liquid curve in exactly the right place. Exquisitely beautiful. Enormously strong in that nearly invisible way. It was like flexible steel against Fonzo, and the man cursed under his breath when he felt his own body responding to the touch. Slim arms closed around Fonzo's neck and he just couldn't help pulling the boy closer, letting his own arms wrap around that incredibly narrow waist. Shaun's full mouth was slowly pulling into a brilliant smile. A finger was ghosting its way up Fonzo's nape, tickling and twirling the short hairs there.

"Well?" Shaun said cocking his head. "Tell me that you do not want me, and I will let go."

"I can't lie to you, kid," Fonzo groaned. "But we shouldn't... we mustn't do this..."

"Why not?" Shaun said angrily and then he just jumped a little flinging his legs around Fonzo's waist, locked them there to hang on like a monkey. The man instinctively grabbed a hold of him, then let out a noise, something between a yelp and a whimper, when he realized that both of his hands were underneath that pert, perfect ass, lifting the boy higher, touching exactly that delicious curve that joined buttock to thigh. He groaned in desperation but Shaun had a good hold of his neck, and the fingers splayed to cup the back of his head pulled him lower so that their lips touched together.

Shaun tasted fresh and warm, of a young man, a little of toothpaste, so unlike the tall, slim man with whom Fonzo had shared a bed the previous night. Not that the man had been half bad, a good-looking guy, and the sex had been very nice, nothing wrong with it at all. But this was Shaun and therefore completely wrong, this was his Shaun, the kid he must look after, except that Fonzo had recently been feeling more like grabbing the kid to his side and growling menacingly to anybody who ventured too near - now that smacked of possessiveness rather than just protecting someone... Shaun didn't know how to kiss, only had an inkling, but he was a quick learner and was soon sucking eagerly on Fonzo's tongue, his own darting in and out, tickling the corners of the man's mouth, teasing and curling. He giggled, and Fonzo was surprised by an answering chuckle that rose irresistibly from somewhere deep inside him. His arms tightened around the slim boy who was still hanging by his arms and legs on him, he kissed Shaun once more, squeezed that rounded ass a little. There definitely was something very hard pressing into his stomach, Fonzo could not overlook the fact, and suddenly he was more than a little worried.

"Mmmhh... Fonzo!" Shaun protested when the man pulled his head back and broke the kiss. "Fonzo, do not stop!"

"But this is absolutely wrong!" Fonzo insisted, doing nothing to pry away the lithe creature that was possessively draping itself around him. "We -"

"Fonzo!" Shaun's large eyes narrowed, his full mouth pouted a little. "Fonzo, listen to me now. I love you. I have loved you for many years. And I have wanted you for many years. Do you love me?"

"Yes," Fonzo breathed, unable to tear his gaze away from those blue pools. "I love you, Shaun."

"Not like a little brother?" Shaun specified, wanting things crystal clear at last. "Not like your kid?"

"No," Fonzo admitted. "Like a... like a young man who's altogether too cute for his own good."

"Fonzo!" Shaun, smiling brilliantly, swung his legs down and jumped lightly on his feet, however without letting go of the man. "Oh my Fonzo!" His heel climbed up Fonzo's leg, quick as a lizard, and suddenly nudged the back of the man's knee so that Fonzo lost his balance for a moment. That moment was all Shaun needed, he shoved with all his weight and the tall man could only yelp in surprise before falling backwards to sit on the sofa, both hands instinctively flying behind himself to soften the fall. A grinning Shaun ended up sitting astride on his stomach, both hands tangling in the man's hair.

"I love you, Fonzo," Shaun purred. "And I have wanted to tell you this for a long time."

"Shaun..." Fonzo panted, hands climbing up on their own volition, and absolutely against his better knowledge, to grasp that slim waist again.

"I want to have sex with you," Shaun continued, and this time Fonzo swallowed hard. "Please." The man shook his head. Shaun's eyes narrowed again, he bent forward until his nose was almost touching Fonzo's. "Why not?"


Moving to sit, none too gently, precisely on Fonzo's crotch was a good way of silencing him at least temporarily, Shaun observed with satisfaction. What the hardness pressing against his own did to him, now that was another matter. It was highly distracting, and this was no time to get distracted, considering how hard the big man was still fighting back. But Shaun couldn't quite resist the temptation. He ground himself slowly against the bulge, sucked his lower lip between his front teeth and tried to breathe through the surge of emotions and sheer pleasure that welled up inside him. Fonzo's big hands tightened on his hips and with a shudder Shaun tore himself back into reality. His sex was throbbing inside the close-fitting trousers, he wanted to touch it - no, he wanted Fonzo to touch it - and he wanted it right now. To hell with protests. He had been waiting long enough and besides, he hadn't yet heard a single argument that would've convinced him of the inadvisability of this all. So there.

"Shaun?" Fonzo gasped when nimble, if a little unsteady, fingers began to make quick work of the fasteners of his clothes. His shirt was open in a flash and then those very quick fingers were already working on his trousers, he tried to say something but the damn boy was quicker. Slim, firm hands slid into his underpants and closed around his erection, cool and mind-blowingly smooth, firm palms rubbed and tugged him eagerly, and Fonzo groaned. The wiry body wiggled on top of him and he groaned again for good measure, feeling how the weight shifted down and slipped between his legs. He opened his eyes to look down and immediately wished he hadn't: Shaun was kneeling between his legs, eyes glittering up at him, with a mischievous smile on his face. Fonzo's breath hitched when the boy licked his lips once and then simply bent forward to take the glistening head of the man's erection slowly into his mouth.

Fonzo's fingers dug into the cushions of the sofa as Shaun explored new territory with relish, suddenly drunk with the feeling of power. His lean, strong hands tickled, caressed and massaged the man's groin and Fonzo shuddered like a volcano preparing to erupt, breath coming in harsh pants, rendered helpless by pleasure. Shaun smiled and blew a little on his cock, almost giggling at the way the muscles of the man's thighs corded and trembled in response. He let the tip of his tongue poke into the slit and Fonzo moaned; he took it in as deep as he could and Fonzo swore breathlessly; he sucked harder and the man stopped breathing altogether. Shaun let his teeth rake along the veined length and sighed, one hand snaking down to open his own pants that had been on the tight side to start with and were now, literally, painfully tight. Fingers fumbled for a while, then found the fastenings and slid inside at last to free his aching erection. An involuntary whimper escaped from Shaun's throat at the feeling and Fonzo froze, fought to open and focus his eyes.

"Shaun...?" he panted, threw his head back when the boy's teeth tightened gently around his engorged length. "Shaun, oh god Shaun... are you... what's wrong?"

"Nothing," Shaun whispered huskily, breath washing over Fonzo's wet cock, hand finding a rhythm on his own. "Am I doing this right?"

"Oh yes," Fonzo sighed. "Yes, Shaun. Perfect."

He felt Shaun purr, knew that he wasn't going to last much longer, tried to warn the boy, but still the release took him by surprise. Fonzo came all over both of them and Shaun's eyes widened as he tasted the thick fluid, experimentally licking some of it. It was bitter, strange, he couldn't decide whether it tasted good or not, and he chuckled at Fonzo's ecstatic expression. A big hand reached to squeeze his shoulder a little, the man pushed himself up from where he was nearly lying on his back on the sofa and grasped Shaun firmly under the arms.

"Hey!" Shaun protested as Fonzo lifted him effortlessly up from his knees and pulled him to straddle the muscular torso once more. He looked down into drowsy dark eyes and his hand found its way back to his crotch, only to be forced away by another hand that was far bigger and far stronger. The same hand roamed up along his side pushing the now soiled top out of the way, and Shaun obligingly raised his arms to pull it completely off. Fonzo pulled him closer, lifted his head to kiss a hardened nipple, and Shaun moaned as his erection pressed against the man's stomach.

"Shaun, you're impossible!" Fonzo said in a low voice and sucked the nipple again, hands pinning the wiggling clone in place. "Absolutely... impossible."

"Yes," Shaun agreed eagerly, letting the firm hands lift him higher so that Fonzo's lips trailed down along his chest, down along chiseled stomach, to his navel and still lower, a little lower. "Ahh..." A jolt went through him and he threw his head back, fingers digging into the man's shoulders, as Fonzo slowly took him in his mouth. It was exquisite, it felt better than anything had ever felt before, every muscle in Shaun's body was rigid and yet he felt like he would collapse completely any moment now, and Fonzo never stopped working him with lips and tongue. He grabbed the back of the sofa, shook his head, wanted to scream, tried not to thrust deeper into Fonzo's mouth but big hard hands held him firm. He was sure he was going to die of ecstasy overload when he felt fingers massaging his butt, delving into the crack, and then suddenly the whole world exploded into white.

Shaun sank bonelessly on top of Fonzo, arms winding around the man's neck, gasping for air. He rubbed his cheek against Fonzo's face purring in satisfaction and Fonzo laughed quietly.

"These are just in the way," he whispered, one arm holding Shaun tight, the other hand tugging the boy's trousers down. Shaun blinked his eyes open.

"Let's go to bed," he yawned, draping himself all over his massive partner like an octopus. "Come, Fonzo. And you must undress, too."

Shaun giggled as Fonzo simply collected him in his arms and pushed himself up, without letting go of his burden. He laughed out loud when Fonzo cursed and nearly tripped over the trousers that were of course still open and didn't want to stay up. The man simply shimmied out of them and finally kicked them off, Shaun still hanging on to him with arms and legs, then continued his journey towards the bedroom. His bedroom, where Shaun had many times curled up while Fonzo himself was away, cocooned in the man's scent. They tumbled on the bed, Fonzo being careful not to crush the slim little pilot underneath, Shaun tearing away the last remaining pieces of clothing.

Fonzo let the boy push him on his back and just watched in awe as Shaun set to work. His obvious goal was to taste every square millimeter of Fonzo's skin - a tremendous task which he performed arduously enough. Some particular areas appeared more interesting than others; Fonzo moaned when sharp teeth almost nicked his nipple, and let his hands roam once more to do what they had been wanting to do for so long. Which was to touch Shaun's pert, firm backside. Shaun purred again, wiggled his bottom so that Fonzo could reach it better, well on his way to being erect once more. He crawled up in the man's arms to kiss him voraciously. It felt absolutely wonderful, to kiss Shaun like that, kiss him at last. Fonzo looked into dark blue eyes hazed by pleasure and lust, smiled. Shaun smiled back and sighed.

"Fonzo," he whispered. "I want more."

"Me too," Fonzo admitted.

"Will you do it?" Shaun pushed back into the caressing hand. "Please?"

"You mean..." Fonzo's hand stopped, his eyes widened. He shook his head. "No, Shaun. I won't do it to you. No way."

"I want to try," Shaun insisted, body undulating in an impossibly persuasive manner on top of Fonzo. "Please, Fonzo!"

"You don't understand," Fonzo said with some difficulty. "I'm too damn big. I'll rip you open!"

"No you won't." Shaun's hand found its way to Fonzo's cock and squeezed, his lips were warm and soft as they nibbled along the man's jawline. "You will not hurt me. I want to try, Fonzo. We will be very careful."

Fonzo looked up at Shaun and was about to protest more forcefully, but the boy's tongue that darted to tease his lips open made it rather difficult. "Please, Fonzo," Shaun whispered in between kisses, "I want you... to take me..."

"Unnh," Fonzo managed, took Shaun's face between his palms and forced their lips apart enough to look the insistent youngster into the eye. "Listen to me now. You definitely don't know what you're asking! There are other ways... such as what you're doing right now, and please stop if you don't want me to come this instant!" Well, at least the hand stopped, but Shaun didn't look even marginally less intense. Fonzo tried to catch his breath. "Shaun -"

"Fonzo," Shaun said in a low voice in between kisses raining on the man's angular face. "I have wanted you - wanted this - for a very long time, and believe me that I know what I am asking! Besides, you have already admitted that you want me too. Badly. So I am not going to take no for an answer, not any more." He looked challengingly into Fonzo's eyes, their noses touching, breath mingling. "I am not going to let you stall in this. I want to know what it feels like. And I will not let you back out of it."

"Why don't you do me instead?" Fonzo suggested hoarsely, trying to ignore the heat flaring in his loins and the way his cock had sprung up and was currently rubbing against Shaun's cleft, or was it Shaun rubbing himself against it? Shaun let out a little laughter.

"Oh, I will Fonzo, later," he murmured. "I want to try that, too. But right now I want you to do it to me. And I know you want it as much as I do."

Fonzo felt his resistance crumbling. He was capitulating, and what else could he do? Denying anything from Shaun had always been damn difficult. He could be so tremendously determined, so persuasive, so insistent. And, right now, Shaun also was so fucking hot, writhing there on top of him stark naked, slightly sweaty, short dark hair in disarray and those clear blue eyes burning with pure lust. Fonzo let his hands wander the clone's slim back, knead the firm buttocks, his fingers found the perfect half-globes and slipped between them. Shaun sighed and squirmed against the probing fingers, eyes fluttering closed, worrying his lower lip between white front teeth.

"Lube," Fonzo reminded himself and very unwillingly forced one hand away from the enticing body to fish for the elusive object. He knew where he'd find it - even though he'd never, ever fucked anybody in this bed before and therefore technically had no reason to keep lube in his nightstand, that was the place to keep it anyway. Lube was not something to be kept among his things in the bathroom they shared, with the toothbrushes and deodorants and other paraphernalia. It was a thing to be kept hidden in a secure, private place, and what better than the nightstand? That wasn't a place where Shaun would ever go rummaging. Correction: it used to be such a place, a voice whispered in the back of his mind. But then, it doesn't matter any more even if he finds it, does it? Ah, and there it was...

Shaun nearly squealed in surprised pleasure when the fingers returned to caress his ass, this time coated in something cool and slick. It felt good, and it made him want more. The first digit slipping inside felt good as well, strange and fascinating and good, and Shaun panted when an image flashed in front of his closed eyes. Lancer loves being bottom, Scott had said, clearly aroused by the mere thought of it, and suddenly the younger clone imagined the two making love, bodies entwined, Lancer's blond hair flowing and face rapturous... His eyes flew open when Fonzo added a second finger and peered at his face, thick brows pulling into a frown.

"Hurts?" he rumbled and Shaun shifted experimentally before shaking his head. His eyes were going slightly glazed, a fine film of sweat shimmering on unblemished skin. Fonzo had never before seen him look so absolutely beautiful. He wanted to reach up and kiss the boy, but Shaun was completely lost in the novel universe of pleasure. Fonzo cautiously sneaked in a third finger, his cock demanding to be given the privilege instead.

At last Shaun was practically begging Fonzo to do it already, goddamnit, and yet, despite meticulous preparation he gasped when the man slowly entered him, entire body trembling with barely pent-up passion. But an S-clone was an S-clone, even in bed: Shaun focused on forcing his breathing back under control, leaned with shaky arms against Fonzo's broad shoulders, and sank slowly, deliberately, down on his shaft, a triumphant smile spreading on his face. Their eyes locked as Shaun looked down at the man, eyes half-mast, lips parted, accommodating to the new feeling.

"You were right," he whispered. "You are enormous."

Fonzo swallowed guiltily, telling himself to stay put and not move a fraction of a hair's width, but once again Shaun made his resolution wither away by beginning to rock gently on top of him. Fonzo couldn't take it any more. His hips bucked up and Shaun threw his head back, reveling in an overflow of agony and ecstasy when the man's cock brushed against his sweet spot, riding Fonzo in a frenzy, swearing and moaning with the same breath.

Fonzo wasn't sure which one of them came first. Nor could he tell how much later it was that he finally was able to calm his breathing and stop cradling the boy to his chest for long enough to look into an exhausted face.


The clone cracked one eye open and smiled shakily. "Fonzo..."

"I'm sorry," Fonzo moaned. "Fuck, I'm so sorry Shaun, I simply lost it..."

"Why are you apologizing?" The other eye followed suit and both of them opened a little wider. "I wanted it. I cannot deny that I am hurting rather badly right now, but I will survive." Shaun winced, then giggled and hugged the man tighter. "But it was my fault entirely. And I am not sorry that we did it."


"Fonzo!" Shaun leveled a stern scowl at the man. "If you now say that you are sorry, I will bite you. And you have one guess, where."

Fonzo stared at the boy for a moment. Then he chuckled. Then he laughed. He just couldn't stop the laughter that welled up, the low happy rumble that made his whole body shake. "Shaun," he said and kissed the clone. "Shaun, kid, baby... love..." Shaun sucked on his lower lip, arms clasped tight around his neck. "I guess there's no going back any more, is there?"

"No way," Shaun hummed. "You have slipped far too badly, Fonzo. Now I know everything, and I will not let you backpedal! Besides, you do not even want to do that."

"Don't I now?" Fonzo grinned, thinking absently that a shower was definitely in order. They just couldn't fall asleep like this or in the morning they'd have to be peeled apart by force, which definitely wouldn't feel nice at all...

"No," Shaun said matter-of-factly. "Why would you? When you can have me."

He made to crawl once more on top of Fonzo but froze in place and bit his lip hard, eyes pinching shut for a moment, before exhaling in a long painful hiss. "Ahh... it fucking hurts to move!"

"Language, Shaun," Fonzo said languidly, one hand rising to brush back sweat-drenched hair from Shaun's forehead.

"Language, Fonzo," the clone retorted with a cheeky grin. "I head you call me 'kid' and 'baby' a while ago, did I not? "

"Guess I did," Fonzo admitted. "Can't help it, though. You'll just have to get used to it."

"All right then." Shaun yawned, nuzzled his face into Fonzo's chest and then squinted hopefully up at him. "Umm - shower?"

"Absolutely," Fonzo agreed.

"Together?" Shaun specified. "I might need some help, you know? Just in case?"

Fonzo shook his head and began to disentangle himself from the clingy creature in his arms, wondering in passing how uncooperative his limbs felt. "Anything for you, Shaun baby..."

"Ah." Shaun followed suit, unusually stiff in his movements, and managed to climb on his feet. "At last, Fonzo. You have said that so many times, but now at last you make good of it."

Fonzo shook his head and padded across the room, completely nude, to open the bathroom door.

"You're a damn dangerous creature, you know that?" he said over his shoulder. A giggle was his answer, and then wiry arms wound from behind around his waist and squeezed him.

"Oh, but you have always known it, have you not?" Shaun rubbed a cheek to the man's back, dug his chin into it and kissed the muscular expanse. "S-clones are not to be played with. Maybe now you will take me seriously?"

"Maybe I've learned my lesson at last," Fonzo mumbled. "But really, your lot should come with a warning label. 'Explosive, handle with care', or something."

Shaun just laughed and pressed tighter against the big man, eyes closing. At last you understand, Fonzo. Well, it was about damn time.

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