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This is a gift fic for Rachel who got the 9000th hit on our website and got to request a fic with the characters of her choice. She requested Osip and Arria, so here we go!

- Length about 3,500 words. Written in November-December 2006. Rating MA.


Holiday Attraction

The sight outside the window was definitely worth a good look.

Three big Martinez bikes, gleaming defiantly through the thin layer of dust that had accumulated on them during the ride over the dunes. Four men in dark, close-fitting driving suits, getting ready to continue their journey. Henry, already astride on his burgundy Mustang and giving a questioning look at Eric, who mounted his electric blue Silver Bullet and nodded. Corinn was ready, too, and after fiddling some more with his helmet strap Vanya took his accustomed place behind his partner.

The guys revved up and vanished at a very civilized pace from Osip's field of vision. He listened, waited, and wasn't disappointed: a few moments later, when he estimated they should've reached the edge of the wide open plains, there was a promising roar as three powerful engines were given full throttle.

Osip smiled to himself but refused to budge yet. It shouldn't be long now, he'd already spent a good while indulging his love for the bikes and it was now about time that —

"I'm still not quite sure if this was a good idea."

Osip chuckled to himself and turned around. Arria was standing in the middle of the bungalow and looking around, a suspicious little wrinkle of worry between dark eyebrows.

"You're hopeless, lover," Osip said. "Just take another look around, look out of this window, then take a good breath and say that again if you can!"

Arria obediently looked around, then sighed. Osip shook his head.

"You look like this was some kind of a punishment and not something to look forward to! There are times, you know, when you just about drive me crazy."

"I just can't help thinking that we shouldn't both be gone at the same time," Arria grumbled.

"For goodness' sake..." Osip sat down on the edge of a sofa and leaned elbows on knees. "Let's go through this once again, shall we? One, the brand new planetary surveillance system is finally complete and 100% functional. We've tested it thoroughly and everybody agrees that it's reliable. Right?"

Arria pursed his lips but nodded reluctantly.

"Two, the Base is under repairs. Three, there's been no reported or observed hostile activity from the Union for a good while now, and all our intelligence shows that they have more than enough to worry about elsewhere. Four, the general security level has been dropped to two. Five, Orwel has just had a nice good holiday with Juri and is bristling with energy. Six, they've survived without us before, and in worse times than this."

Osip spread his arms to take in their sumptuous surroundings. "So why wouldn't it be a good idea to take a few days off and relax here, just the two of us?"

"You make me sound ridiculous," Arria complained.

"Not ridiculous. You're just too conscientious for your own good." Osip patted the sofa beside him. "Now, come on, let's start from the beginning. Sit down here."

The blond man couldn't help smiling no matter how he tried to keep a straight face, then stepped across the room and burrowed next to his partner. Osip hummed in satisfaction and snaked a long arm around Arria.

"That's better," he murmured. "My, but you're tense! Surely you weren't afraid on our ride here?"

"Afraid?" Arria's eyes went round. "After you've been flying me around in that fighter so many times that I've long since lost count? Don't be silly!"

"It's different," Osip pointed out. "On a plane, there's the cockpit around you. On a Martinez it's just the bike, and the wind all around you. At least I feel much more exposed there."

"Granted, but I wasn't afraid. Just pleasantly excited."

"Excited, hmm, oh yes!" Osip pulled his partner closer and rubbed their noses together. "I agree, that's how it feels. Though I was also more than a little jealous, seeing how you were practically glued to Eric's back..."

"Didn't want to fall," Arria said, closing his eyes so that Osip couldn't see how they twinkled. "Besides, even if I were inclined to have stray thoughts, I'm not suicidal enough to start eyeing Eric. I don't want to get in Henry's bad books."

"Henry's not scary," Osip protested.

"Not under normal circumstances, no, but he's a very big and brawny guy nevertheless," Arria said. "So it's just as well that I'm not that way inclined — not that I or anyone else would have any chance with Eric anyway."

"You wouldn't," Osip agreed and hugged him closer. "But hey, what's all this talk about other guys?"

"You started it," Arria reminded him, "but I agree, it's time to stop. What shall we do now?"

"How about getting unpacked first of all?" Osip eyed the luggage they'd left by the door. "And then I think I wouldn't mind having a shower. It's funny how the dust seems to get everywhere... though I don't understand how anything extra can possibly get inside the driving suit. Heck, at first I thought not even I would fit in there!"

"Yeah, I must say that it was quite indecently close-fitting," Arria observed, sounding suspiciously like a purring cat. "You should've seen yourself. Especially your legs and ass. Not to mention the bulge in the front."

Osip laughed heartily and squeezed Arria.

"What's this?" he teased. "You pretend to be so uptight but it sounds like you are in a holiday mood anyway! This is beginning to sound good..."

"Your fault," Arria said accusingly. "It has to be a real emergency situation when hearing your voice over the headphones or seeing you in close-fitting clothes doesn't distract me at all."

Osip arched his eyebrows.

"Don't play innocent," Arria snorted, "as if you didn't know what kind of an effect you have on me! Anyway, the first two parts of your plan sounded sensible enough. Unpacking, shower, what next?"

"Depends," Osip said. "How hungry are you? Would you like to go for a walk and take a look around? Should we have something delivered here, or would you rather have a lavish dinner in one of the restaurants? Do you want to have sex now, or after the shower, or after we've wined and dined? Or on every possible occasion?"

Arria blinked a few times.

"You're making things difficult," he said. "I feel rather spoiled for choice, you know."

"Okay, one thing at a time, then," Osip said. "Hungry?"

Arria considered for a while and then shook his head. "Only a little. Mostly just craving for something to drink."

"Okay, so we'll have dinner a bit later, 'cause I'm not starving either. Second question: sex before or after the shower?"

"After," Arria said decisively. "I'm feeling far too dusty and clammy right now."

"I can relate to that." Osip's arms tightened around Arria. "So, how about you go to have a shower first, and in the meantime I'll make a quick dash to that little store and get us something to drink?"

"Sounds like an idea — hey, wait a moment. Didn't the guys say that these places come well stocked?"

Osip pushed himself up from the sofa. "You're right, I'd totally forgotten about that. Let's see now..."

He looked around for a few moments before spotting the well-concealed fridge, then opened it and whistled.

"Full points to you, partner. There's at least half a dozen different soft drinks to choose from, plus another half-dozen that contain more or less booze... no, actually, make that closer to a full dozen. No need to visit the store quite yet."

"Perfect," Arria said and stretched his arms. "Because I wouldn't mind at all having you in the shower with me, if only there's enough room."

"The next thing to explore!" Osip headed towards the bathroom that lit up when he approached it, then turned around with a wide grin. "No worries there, either. I think we'd have no trouble fitting in even if we had Corinn and Vanya here sharing the bathroom with us."

"Sounds like they weren't exaggerating when they recommended this resort." Arria stood up as well and ambled closer to peer into the bathroom. "What kind of shower gels do they have there?"

"Enough to choose from," Osip informed him from deeper within. "Well then, shall we unpack before or after the shower?"

"Better do that now," Arria decided. "After the shower we just might have some other ideas, don't you think?"

"Things like that have been known to happen before," Osip admitted and returned to the living area. "Right, then, let's take care of our stuff first!"

It didn't take long to empty the bags and arrange their contents in the closets. For one thing, they were only going to stay a few days and weren't planning on any pastimes that would've required lots of different clothing. For another, they'd been brought here on motorbikes, and thus all their luggage had to fit in the built-in compartments, together with whatever their friends were taking along to their Martinez club meet.

And of course, as Osip had pointed out before their departure, their destination was a holiday village right next to the ocean — so, even if they actually decided to leave their cozy apartment sometime during their vacation, they probably wouldn't be needing too much clothing in any case.

"All clear," Arria said and pushed the empty bags into another closet. "Now the shower. I'm definitely in need of one."


Osip peeled off the pants and top he'd been wearing under the borrowed driving suit and dropped them carelessly on the floor. Arria breathed slowly in and out as he looked how the tall man straightened himself and stretched his arms up, towards the faintly humming air conditioning vent just overhead.

"What?" Osip looked at him.

"You never cease to amaze me," Arria sighed. "The way you just take off your clothes and then prance around nude, as if it were the most natural thing to do."

"And I never cease to ask, why wouldn't it be?" Osip countered with a little smirk. "I know you don't consider nudity as such in any way shameful. Besides, we're alone, so why shouldn't I? When the only one ogling me is my very own lover who sure as hell has seen it all before."

"Don't you then ever feel just a little bit shy when you're naked?" Arria asked. "Unsure? Vulnerable?"

Osip's gaze swept him from head to toe and back again. "Vulnerable... yeah, right. Even when it's just us, huh?"

"Even so."

Osip watched as Arria removed his shirt and pants and folded them on a chair. He clacked his tongue.

"You don't need these in the shower," he said hooking a finger under the waistband of Arria's briefs. "Off with them, now. The shower's waiting."

He rolled his eyes in mock exasperation as Arria followed him to the bathroom and only there stepped out of the briefs. "Prim to the last..."

"I'll show you prim," Arria threatened and touched the shower controller.

"I'm counting on that, my lovely," Osip murmured.

Arria took great delight in washing his tall fellow Commander and watching how strands of white soapy foam sluiced down the dark skin. Osip returned the favor with much energy, and considerably much later two squeaky-clean men finally left the bathroom and sauntered into the large, comfortable living room once more.

"I like this place more by the minute," Osip declared as they were lounging in armchairs, dressed only in towels wrapped around their hips, with a bottle of something chilly and delicious in hand. "So, what's next on the agenda?"

"I think you had some plans earlier," Arria said with a suggestive wink. "Or am I being too hopeful?"

"No, you just know me too well!" Osip laughed. "I think I said earlier that you're tense? How about a good long massage?"

"You know me far too well!" Eagerly, Arria got up and then yelped when Osip snagged his towel and tossed it on the floor. "Hey, give it back!"

"No, you lie down on it and make yourself comfortable. I go and see if they have any massage oils in the bathroom, or maybe I should go dig into my own toiletries..." Osip disappeared, then emerged again after not very many moments and triumphantly displayed a small bottle. "Bingo! And my favorite brand, too."

Arria settled on the floor and observed that the matting on the floor was slightly elastic — probably just to make it more quiet to walk on, but it also felt very nice. A delicious little shiver passed through him when Osip let a thin stripe of oil trickle along his spine. The oil was warm, Osip always took care to warm it before he did that and Arria appreciated the gesture. He didn't enjoy cold; never had, never would, and Osip knew it.

Big hands descended on his back. Arria closed his eyes and concentrated on just feeling it. At first it was just warmth, a gentle touch, then gradually the fingers began to work deeper and the heat spread and glowed. At times it almost hurt — no, scratch that, it sure hurt when they found a tighter knot or touched some strange nerve, making Arria draw a quick breath. Whenever that happened, there was a murmured apology and the hands focused on the sore spot, much gentler yet relentless, until the pain yielded and melted away into more heat.

Osip was smiling to himself, eyes half closed, looking at the lean back in front of him. Arria's head was resting on crossed arms, dark lashes threw a shadow on the cheek and the mouth was relaxed. Osip loved those eyelashes, so thick and long, not to mention the curve of the eyebrows above them.

He also loved the way Arria's tension was trickling away under his hands. The blond loved being massaged and there was no better way to make him relax. Sometimes it might take a long time, but this time he was responding so well that it nearly made Osip chuckle. Arria was definitely in a holiday frame of mind already, and enjoying it.

Osip gently rubbed the back of Arria's neck, then the shoulders and upper arms, then let his palms slide down the curve of the waist onto the buttocks. This produced a muffled groan of pleasure, and for the next several minutes he gleefully concentrated on his lover's bottom and thighs.

He grinned as his thumbs made a circle on the back of Arria's legs, just at the magical area where the thigh joins the buttock, and Arria pushed up into the touch.

"Beautiful," he said under his breath. "Simply beautiful."

"You goddamn tease..."

Osip grinned. "Always acting so cool and composed, aren't we, but here's the reality!" He kissed Arria's buttock, licked it playfully and then made a face. "Urgh, should've remembered that this tastes horrid."

"Your own fault." Arria peered over a shoulder, eyes still squinted. "Who told you to taste it?"

"Nobody, you just looked too succulent," Osip said and resumed the massage.

It was most gratifying to see and feel how Arria's legs spread involuntarily, how his muscles tensed so he could push against the hands flattening him on the floor.

"Are you perhaps getting hard, baby?" he asked with a smirk that he only barely managed to keep out of his voice.

"You have one guess," Arria moaned. "Shit, stop that! Do you hear me?"

"Why would I?"

"Because I tell you to... uhh... we're just showered, and I'm getting hungry."

"Hungry?" Osip laughed. "Well, now I'm hurt — do you mean you'd choose food over having sex with me?"

Arria managed to snake out of Osip's hold and roll around. "Not exactly, but what's the hurry?"

"Ooh, don't give me that!" Osip pushed him down and resumed the massage, only this time on the front side of Arria's thighs. He flashed a mischievous smirk when Arria shuddered and the promising erection twitched hopefully. "You're not seriously telling me that this could wait until after the dinner?"

"Is that a challenge?" Arria managed through clenched teeth, just barely keeping his hips from jerking up when Osip blew on his cock.

"No," Osip said. "I'm just thinking that if you really manage to get that boy down now and insist on having dinner, I'm sure as hell going to order something that must be eaten with the bare fingers. Something to lick and suck on, you know."

"I'd love to say you wouldn't do that to me," Arria gasped, "but I know damn well you would."

"How right you are."

"I wasn't serious!" Arria's head tilted back when Osip's fingers, so far rubbing the inside of his thighs but carefully not touching anywhere else, brushed against his balls for the first time.

"I thought so," Osip murmured as he crawled closer, "just wanted to make sure. One never knows with you."

Arria laughed breathlessly, then pushed himself up on trembling arms. "Damn you, Osip..."

Osip didn't resist when Arria toppled him on the floor and went for his cock with greedy determination. Instead he turned around and let his arms slide around Arria's hips, ready to return the favor. When Arria's tongue gave him the first teasing swipe, he groaned and let his lips close around Arria's dick, and was rewarded by a shudder of that slim, tightly muscled body.

That body was flushed pink with desire, and Osip reveled in its heat and in the gentle whisper of air conditioning on bare skin. It was unusual of Arria to relax and let himself go like this — enough to have sex in the middle of the day, on the floor, forgetting everything else. Unusual, yes, but glorious when it happened. Like right now... Osip closed his eyes tightly and groaned under his breath, tasting sweat and lust, feeling Arria's hands tighten on his hips and the rhythmical suction that was pulling him closer and closer to the edge.

When their ragged panting eventually subsided once more, the only sound in the bungalow was just the air conditioning. Osip listened to it, and to the warmth pressed again his own body, and smiled to himself. As if in reply the arm around him tightened and Arria wiggled around to rest a very dishevelled head on his stomach. For a good while longer they just lay there like that, saying nothing.

Arria was so relaxed there, Osip mused, and that was simply wonderful. Arria, who was always so controlled and reined in and needed Osip to make him snap out of the Commander mode. Arria whom he needed to tell him that his opinions had been heard, and that now it was time to negotiate and see how his ideas could best be molded into something truly useful. Yeah, they really made an awesome team, the two of them, and especially when Orwel was added to top the mix.

Right now it was just as well that Orwel wasn't anywhere around. The thought made Osip chuckle, and he felt how Arria stirred lazily next to him. Lips nuzzled his chest and he squeezed Arria tighter.

"Feeling good, lover?"

Arria felt the low rumble of Osip's voice against his cheek and smiled. "Mmmm."

"At least I can say that I got you to relax," Osip drawled, sounding supremely satisfied. "Ahh, and to think that we only just got here. There's still four full days of this ahead."

"I don't think we can spend all the time doing only this." Arria let one finger draw circles around Osip's navel, watching how the skin and the muscles underneath it shivered at the touch. "Must recover a bit every now and then."

"Hmm, I suppose so..." Osip squirmed so that his hip rubbed against Arria's crotch. "Although if I really tried, I could get you up again in no time at all... But that wouldn't be fair, because right now we need some dinner. After that it'd be good time for some more of this, don't you think?"

"Correction, Commander — what we need right now is a shower, and only then dinner. Otherwise the plan sounds really good. It already sounded good earlier, before we deviated from it."

"Deviated... well, I don't think you're sorry about this deviation, though?"

Arria laughed, a rolling, happy sound.

"No, I'm not," he said huskily. "Just as usual — we agree on a plan,and then you introduce some damn good last-moment modification to it."

Osip sighed. "All right, so how about reverting once more to the original plan? Let me see, how was it again? Shower, massage, sex, dinner, sex..."

"Exactly," Arria said and scrambled on his feet, then reached a hand to Osip to pull him up as well. "And for the next few days I'm going to follow that plan to the Z — umm, I meant to the X."

Osip straightened himself, then pulled Arria into a tight, sweaty hug and grinned down to him. "Whatever you say, Commander."

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