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Topic: Chocolate. Corinn and Vanya and some chocolate bars in the van... For Scribblemoose's Flake Challenge.

- Written in March 2004. Rating MA.


Rise To The Challenge

Music was already blasting from the loudspeakers, but when the first notes of the latest hit by MALE could be heard, Corinn turned the volume still a little up and grinned.

"I love this song," Vanya stated solemnly from the other front seat, head bobbing to the rhythm.

"Yeah, me too," Corinn said, eyes never turning from the road ahead. The day was exceptionally windy, blasts were hitting the side of trusty old Sprinter in a most unpleasant way and making the large transport sway underneath them. Of course the automated controls could handle it, but Corinn just couldn't shake his preference for driving himself. Which meant that he needed to concentrate on keeping the van properly in rein.

Vanya glanced at his partner across the aisle and decided not to suggest the cruise control. Didn't he already know what the answer would be? Besides, Corinn enjoyed driving, and he himself enjoyed watching that solid profile and those thick eyebrows above eyes that looked steadily forward.

And Corinn was totally gorgeous when he was focused like that, big hands on the controls, sitting comfortably in the well-fitted seat. Vanya's gaze raked down from shoulder to upper arm to elbow, slipped higher to follow the bulge of well-trained pectorals, and then dropped comfortably to feast a little lower, where the cloth of trousers was stretched nice and snug over a powerful thigh. He couldn't properly see the familiar bulge of the crotch, but then, he didn't really need to see it anyway.

Vanya grinned. How many years had they now been together? And still he only needed to take one look at Corinn to get all hot, horny and bothered. If that wasn't great, then Vanya didn't know what was. Right now, though, it was best to be a good boy - they needed to get back to Plains Base with their cargo, and with this wind Corinn was having his hands full anyway. Better think about something else.

He dug into the cooling compartment in front of him, felt his hand connect with something unrecognizable, and peered in. Chocolate bars? Well, why not. He picked up two of them and showed one to Corinn. "Care for some chocolate? Somebody must've forgotten them here."

"Sure, why not. Unwrap it for me, will you?"

"Yes siree." Vanya tore the wrapping open, peeled it back a bit and gave the bar to Corinn. "Here you go."

"Thanks." Corinn accepted the treat and looked at it suspiciously. "We'd better have something to drink, too. This is gonna make me thirsty."

"We do," Vanya assured him after a second peep into the compartment and slammed it shut. He relaxed once more in his seat and took a bite. "Damnit..." The bar crumbled into myriad little pieces, and only a quick swipe of a hand rescued them before they all fell into his lap. "Careful, gorgeous, this is flaky!"

"Umm," Corinn replied; he had already noticed the same thing.

Vanya tossed the tiny crumbs into his mouth and decided that more caution was definitely required with the next bite. However, his attention was quickly captured by the spectacle of a police vehicle in hot pursuit of a recklessly speeding sports car, and thus it was a miracle that he didn't get more of the brown flakes all over himself as he nibbled on his chocolate, eyes trained on the chase ahead.

"Goddamn fuckers," he sighed when the vehicles at last disappeared into the distance, glanced at his partner who was humming in agreement, and was promptly about to inhale the rest of his chocolate.

Corinn was still looking straight ahead, all attention on driving, holding the bar in one hand and slowly sucking on it. It was smooth and glistening, molten on the surface, and it was oh so rhythmically sliding deeper into Corinn's mouth and then a little out again. Vanya swallowed with extreme difficulty, and then he swallowed again when Corinn absently nibbled on the bar with his teeth. He could see a jaw muscle tensing a little as lips pressed tighter around the bar...

Vanya closed his eyes for a moment and reminded himself that even though cruise control was very good for these endlessly long, straight roads, Corinn still didn't like to just sit back and travel. He also reminded himself that they would be in the Base in not very many hours. And he reminded himself that a raging hard-on had not, to his knowledge, ever been the immediate cause of anyone's death, so theoretically he should be able to endure this torture until they reached the Base.

He cautiously opened his eyes and peered once more at Corinn. The darker man had finished his chocolate and now hazel-brown eyes were looking back at Vanya, brows creased in worry above them.

"You okay, hunk?"

"Yeah, perfectly okay." Vanya swallowed again; his throat felt uncommonly thick.

"Are you sure?" Corinn was not convinced. "You even sound strange."

Vanya's flaxen-blonde eyebrows jumped up. "Strange? Gorgeous... you make me worry. Is there something strange about my being horny as hell?"

Corinn's shoulders relaxed. "That all?" he huffed. "I thought you were feeling sick, or something. No, nothing new about horny... though I can't understand what would've suddenly caused it, unless you were fantasizing about a night with the entire MALE in your bed."

"Our bed," Vanya corrected. "No, I wasn't. I just made a mistake and looked at you."

"Please..." Corinn rolled his eyes. "As if you didn't see enough of me every day. And night."

"Looked at you eating that goddamn chocolate," Vanya elaborated. "Do you have any idea what you were doing, gorgeous?"

"Well, I believe I ate a bar of chocolate," Corinn said. "I can't understand how that should make anyone particularly horny. Not even you."

"Okay - here's the deal," Vanya said, eyes glittering dangerously. "If I can find another one of those bars, I'll show what you did. After that, let's see if you can repeat that and still speak the truth."

"Don't be an idiot," Corinn grunted but Vanya was already busy hunting inside the cooler compartment. Before long he located one more bar and lifted it with a triumphant expression.

"Here it is! But I'm wondering whether I should after all wait until the next lay-by... all right, all right, but remember that you were asking for this!"

Corinn increased the input of the cruise control, just in case, so that he could keep his eyes on the road as well as on Vanya. The blonde man unwrapped the last chocolate bar, took it between his fingers and licked its end, ice-blue eyes daring Corinn to look the other way.

"So, here we go," he said under his breath and grinned wickedly. "Just look at the shape of this thing. And I might add that this tastes very nice, as you no doubt remember." The tongue swirled meticulously around the bar. "Very melty... mmm..."

Within about two seconds Corinn's mouth had gone completely dry. Three more seconds and he was growing very hard very rapidly. He was riveted on the spot, totally unable to look away. Vanya's lips parted and the bar, by now licked wet, began to disappear slowly between them.

"I didn't do anything like that," Corinn said hoarsely.

"You sure did, gorgeous," Vanya said around the chocolate, mouth pulling into a smile. "I swear this is exactly what you did. You were sucking it, and looking like you really enjoyed it..."

"Stop that, will you?" Corinn turned his head firmly away. However, no matter how hard he tried not to see anything but the sight opening in front of the windscreen, he couldn't help seeing Vanya's profile, and that smirk, and that chocolate bar. Especially the damn chocolate bar.

"Tasty," Vanya observed in a voice thick with chocolate. "Very tasty."

Corinn absolutely refused to let either of his hands creep downwards to try and rearrange himself inside the pants. It would do nothing to ease the furious throbbing of his cock anyway. He glanced at the Sprinter's scanners. Twenty kilometers...

Vanya's eyebrows wiggled when Corinn increased the vehicle's speed, shoulders hunching resolutely. He knew that Corinn could see him all right while he continued to savor the rapidly melting chocolate, as testified by how tight his trousers were stretched in the front.

"Damn..." The bar was getting pretty slippery, it nearly fell from Vanya's hand and he decided to push what was rest of it into his mouth. His fingers were coated with chocolate as well, and he almost snickered, seeing in the corner of his eye how Corinn's throat moved when he began to lick his hand clean. Oh, poor gorgeous...

"Hey, what're you doing?" Vanya braced himself against the instrument panel when Corinn all of a sudden decelerated and turned the Sprinter to the side. "Why are we stopping?"

"You have exactly one guess," Corinn growled as the vehicle rolled to a stop. He flipped all controls to standby and locked them, tore his seatbelt open and turned to look at Vanya who looked back, eyebrows rising. "Well?"

"I think I made my point," Vanya said smugly. "So you admit that seeing someone eat chocolate can make a person horny?"

"Yes," Corinn said and stood up. "To the back. This instant."

Vanya laughed under his breath and stood up, wincing when the creases of his clothes chafed in a most uncomfortable way against his erection, and took two steps towards the back of the van. He didn't get further than that before hard hands grabbed his waist, slipped to the front side and began to impatiently open his trousers. "Geez, gorgeous, aren't you in a hurry!"

"Isn't that what you wanted?" Corinn bit the side of Vanya's neck. "To have a fuck stop along the way?"

"Yeah," Vanya admitted. "Especially after I saw you having fun with that chocolate bar."

"Just lay off with the chocolate already, will you?"

Corinn's hands dipped underneath Vanya's shirt and pushed it upwards, then returned to unzip his trousers. Vanya let out a heartfelt sigh when strong fingers pulled the garment down and at last freed his cock so that it sprang gratefully up into Corinn's welcoming hand.

"Hello, pal," Corinn hummed squeezing it gently. Vanya groaned. "Been feeling a little crammed, eh?"

"Get rid of those pants," Vanya commanded, twisted his arms so that he could get them between their bodies and began to open Corinn's clothes. "Right now, gorgeous."

"Yeah, yeah..."

Considering that Corinn continued to alternately kiss and suck his neck, it took Vanya a surprisingly short time to open the man's trousers and peel them down enough to grind his bare ass against an equally uncovered erection.

"You or me?"

"Oh fuck, do you need to ask?" Vanya gritted his teeth as Corinn began to slowly stroke him. "You do me... and slow down, man, or you'll finish me off too early!"

"Lube?" Corinn mumbled into Vanya's back, nuzzling the dip that ran down the man's spine.

"Jacket pocket," Vanya panted.

Corinn pried himself loose, very reluctantly, enough to grab the jacket that was hanging on the wall behind Vanya's front seat. He fumbled for a moment in the pockets, then grunted in satisfaction. "Knew I could trust you, hunk."

"Never going anywhere without it," Vanya said unsteadily. "Especially if I know you'll be around... ohh fuck..."

"In a moment," Corinn assured him, hand gliding up and down the crack between Vanya's globes.

Vanya crossed his arms on the back of a seat and braced himself against it. He grinned as he looked at the traffic flowing past them, right outside the large windows. Such a good thing that the windows were darkened and completely reflective on the outside. It might be considered a traffic hazard if anybody driving past a vehicle standing on a legal lay-by could actually see the two big guys fucking each other senseless inside it.

Corinn's lubed fingers slipped in and Vanya's head sank to rest on his arms. He moaned aloud, then peered suspiciously over his shoulder when the slick touch disappeared. Corinn's eyes were almost closed in concentration, mouth slightly open, as he coated his swollen dick with the lube, movements slow and jerky. Vanya licked his lips.

"Enough preliminaries, gorgeous," he growled. "Don't you know by now that I can take you?"

He simply loved seeing Corinn like that - eyes hazy, breathing hard for sheer lust, muscles tense, cock erect. Vanya's mouth pulled into a slow, lazy, inviting smile.

"Come on," he drawled.

Corinn put his hands on Vanya's hips, positioned himself carefully, thrust. Vanya pushed back to take him in, concentrated on just breathing deep and relaxing, feeling the thick hot thing slide deeper. He groaned in protest when Corinn stopped for a while to let him adjust, and reached behind himself to grab a hold of the man's ass, to give it a demanding squeeze. His fingers dug deeper when Corinn pulled back a little, of course he knew that it was only to begin ramming in earnest, but they both loved it rough every now and then. Or actually, more often than not. And stopping to fuck on the roadside definitely meant rough.

Corinn's eyes were in half-mast and yet he saw it, the ripple of muscles under bronzed skin in Vanya's back. It arched as the man supported himself against the back of a passenger seat, each exhaled breath a muffled moan. Corinn could feel his own muscles coiling, a little tighter with each deep shove, he bent over Vanya and took his partner in his hand once more. Vanya breathed out his appreciation and then they just rocked in unison, hands grabbing each other.

Vanya crunched his eyes shut as a bead of sweat rolled down and made them sting. Corinn was panting with effort and he knew that it wouldn't be long any more. The throbbing cock sliding in and out made him see alternately black and blinding white with each thrust, impending orgasm made his balls tingle, and he knew Corinn could feel the tensing because the hand pleasuring him tightened - very little, yet enough to make him come. And come he did, into Corinn's hand and all over the floor, a moment before Corinn's head practically slammed against his shoulder and Vanya felt the pulsing heat inside him.

They took a while to regain their senses, Vanya leaning heavily against the seat and Corinn leaning on Vanya's back for support because his knees were seriously threatening to buckle underneath him. Finally he forced himself to pull out with a shudder and grabbed Vanya's shoulder, just in case. The blonde twisted himself around so that he could wrap his arms around Corinn's torso.

"We'd better get this place tidied up," Vanya mumbled and kissed his partner on the cheek.

"Uhmm," Corinn agreed indistinctly. "And ourselves."

"Not to mention that." Vanya nuzzled Corinn's face until his lips found another pair and clamped on them. His tongue slid into Corinn's mouth, then he let out a pleased grunt and Corinn could feel him smile. "Hmm, nice..."

"What's nice?" Corinn muttered when Vanya pulled back and smacked his lips appreciatively.

"You." Vanya chuckled. "You taste of chocolate."





Note: As you could probably guess, MALE is a very successful band. More precisely, it's a trio formed by three cross-dressing guys who also happen to be fabulous singers: Maya, André and Lancer (hence the name - Maya/André/Lancer Ensemble). Just thought to mention this, to clarify Corinn's reference to them.

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