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Fan fiction by Alexandria. Distant Horizons proudly presents the first ever fan fiction to Mount Robillard. Archived here by permission.

- ALEXANDRIA'S DISCLAIMER: Mount Robillard was created by Quatorze. This is a work of fan fiction. No copyright infringement was intended. Rating: MA.


Long Time No See

"Oh damn."

"What is it?"

"Arria and Osip won't make it until tomorrow. They're still stuck on Jehan. It's that darn strike again."

Scott frowned. "And Corinn and Vanya?"

"No word from them. I suppose they're on their way already." Lancer let the small messenger fall in his lap and leaned his head back in his seat. "Well, they did send us the key code to the cabin, so no problem there. I just miss them so much. I was hoping they'd be here to welcome us in person." He turned his head towards his lover who nodded.

"It's a pity nobody else made it here, though."

"They're busy. It's a brave new world now, after all. So many relationships to revive, so many things to take care of." Lancer smiled and wiped an errant bang of white hair that kept falling over his left eye. Outside the thick, mossy forest murmured in brisk wind, and the little lake that opened in front of the dark gray cabin rippled like a magical mirror, distorting the hazy bluish reflection of the sky. "This is a great place, though. A perfect hideaway."

They stepped out of the car, red, moist gravel gritting under their feet. "We're here just in time. Ten more days, and it would've been unbearably hot." Lancer shaded his eyes with his hand.

"Wonder if that lake is okay for swimming?" Scott walked over to his lover and wrapped his arms around the supple body that always seemed to welcome - if not even call for - his touch.

"Probably too cold. This area is dotted with fresh water springs after all. But feel free to give it a try. Hey, what's that?"

A distant, thunderous rumble echoed from the surrounding hills, and both men turned their gazes to the stretch of road leading to the cabin. "Sounds like -- " Scott began, and Lancer chuckled. "Sounds like a Mustang alright. Those two really know how to make an entrance."


"Another glass of wine, anyone?" Vanya lifted the bottle and waved it at the company of half-dressed men sitting in front of the fireplace where an impressive pile of logs was slowly devoured by hungry flames. The windows of the cabin had been darkened, thick blankets spread on the floor that was already covered with soft carpets, and a collection of tasty snacks in bowls spread on the floor for everyone to pick their favorite mouthful from.

The vivid discussion was only interrupted by occasional laughter. It had been a downright silly idea to turn up the air conditioning and then make a fire to get the place warm again, but the atmosphere was now perfect for an intimate get-together, and the soothing effect of the small dose of alcohol made it easy to open up after the months-long separation. Arria had given them a call, making sure everything was alright and encouraging them to make full use of the 'cabin' that looked a whole lot smaller from the outside than from the inside and was luxuriously equipped and spacious with two bedrooms and a large bathroom with double showers.

"I think I'll take some." Lancer lifted his glass, and Vanya served him with a smile. "Scott? No? Still being careful? Okay, Corinn and I will keep the rest, then."

"I think they both still look a bit uptight." Corinn sipped from his glass casually, and Vanya nodded. "Yeah, well, it's only understandable that they're shy. Long time, no see, it tends to estrange people, no matter how close they used to be."

Lancer giggled into his drink quietly. "You two are scary."

"Scary?" Vanya raised his eyebrows innocently. "I just pointed out a well-known fact of life, that's all. Or do you mean you're both so jumpy because you're alone in an isolated cabin with two handsome hunks of men?"

"They probably think we're going to eat them alive with no Osip or Arria to back them up tonight." Corinn's face was expressionless.

"We really need to help them loosen up, then. Show them some good will." Vanya put away the bottle and stood up, walking over to his bag and digging something out of it with a hum. "Yes... yes, this should do the trick."

It was a small container of some red, transparent liquid, and Lancer leaned forward with a suspicious look on his face. "What's that?"

"You'll see. Scott, come here." Vanya moved some of the food aside and reached out his hand to the man who suddenly looked alarmed. "Corinn was just kidding; I'm not going to bite you. C'mon."

Scott glanced at Lancer before crawling across the floor on his hands and knees, and as soon as he was facing Vanya, the man turned him around, placing him to sit in front of him. "That's better."

Lancer had already forgotten about his drink when he watched Vanya pour a decent amount of the strange liquid on his palm, and the room was instantly filled with a scent of fresh wild berries. "Tell me if it hurts, okay? That back of yours looks like one hell of a knot that just begs to be unraveled."

Scott winced when Vanya took a hold of his shoulders. His naked torso was already glistening from sweat, and the liquid made it look like polished marble.

"It's just ordinary massage oil with aroma, that's all. Very nice and handy after a hard day's work. Provided that you have someone who knows how to use it."

Scott whined but didn't resist when the skilled fingers examined his muscles one by one before delving into them with subdued force.

"Corinn's pretty good at this, too; actually, I think he's even better than me." Vanya tilted his head and cast Lancer a questioning look. "I don't think he'd mind giving you a treatment as well, Lancer. Or how about it, Corinn?"

"Not at all. I'd be glad to, if that's alright with you, Lancer."

Lancer blinked and stared at the men in confusion. "I... I don't know..."

"It *does* feel good." Scott's voice was mellow. "You really should give it a try."

"Perhaps they should both just lie down; it'd make it easier that way." Corinn put away his glass and took the oil from his partner, touching Lancer's arm with an assuring smile on his face. "Well?"

Lancer heaved a deep breath and nodded. "Alright. Scott?"

They took a comfortable position on the floor, lying on the blanket side by side. Lancer entwined his fingers with Scott's, squeezing slightly, and felt Corinn kneel down astride over his thighs. As Vanya rubbed some more oil onto his hands and once again started working on the young, dark-haired figure beneath him, Scott's blue eyes drifted shut, and Lancer could practically see that tensed frame give in inch by inch under Vanya's experienced touch. Then Corinn's hands did the same to him, and he moaned aloud in pleasant surprise.

Strong, hard, patient strokes traveled across his back, examining, circling, grinding, brushing, and Lancer could imagine Corinn's bulging muscles strain as the man concentrated on his body, mimicking his partner, both obviously knowing exactly what they were doing.

And it was simply overwhelming. Lancer was unable to recall the last time he had received a proper massage, and it was outright unforgivable that he had never even thought of doing it with Scott who had gradually become even more ready and responsive to physical contact than his lover.

For a while the room was filled with nothing but the crackling of the fire and the sensual sounds of oily skin gliding over another; the scent of the liquid intoxicating, breathtakingly sweet and - oh --

Lancer felt a flood of heat flush over his face when Corinn's fingertips reached the small of his back and a sudden, stunning flash of arousal ravished his groin pressed and hidden against the blanket. He had never even imagined that Corinn's callused hands would be able to create such a variety of luscious sensations, and when he focused on Scott's face again, he could see his lover's blue eyes wide open, pupils dilated and lips parted, and he knew he wasn't alone. Scott was clearly overcome by similar vibrations as well.

Lancer glanced up from the corner of his eye and saw Vanya smile before moving his fingers deliberately to the waistband of Scott's briefs and pulling them over the half-globes of the young man's buttocks, and all his subject could do was to lift his hips slightly to help the garment slide off; with no hesitation whatsoever Vanya threw it away, took some more oil and continued his work on the newly exposed areas of Scott's body. And just moments later Corinn repeated the same set of movements with Lancer. No protests, no arguments - just a yielding sigh as the warmth of the flaring fire spread over the stretch of white, naked skin.

Had Vanya and Corinn been planning this all along? Or was it just as spontaneous as everything these two men always did together - just a whim, just a game, just a... ahhh...

Lancer bit his lip when he felt patient, hard strokes slide along the cleft between his buttocks a few times before the pair of strong thumbs returned to the small of his back and continued their task there. Scott was panting now; Lancer could both hear and feel his lover's short breaths and knew Corinn had simply mirrored Vanya's movements again.

Back... buttocks... thighs... and up... to... the... cleft --

And then Lancer felt Corinn's finger at his entrance, probing carefully before slipping past the ring of muscle with minimal effort, and when he heard Scott let out a small, slightly panicked yelp, he realized that his lover had just been penetrated by an intrusive yet kind digit as well.

"Would you two like to share something even more special?" Vanya's voice was velvety, and Lancer whined when Corinn moved in deeper, rubbing, pressing him so that for a while his mind was a glittering display of fireworks. "We'd take a good care of you, Corinn and I... give you an experience you'd never forget."

Lancer glanced at his blue-eyed lover who looked ecstatic. "Scott...?"

"Y-yes... if you..." Scott's hands clenched, and he bucked his hips up instinctively, against Vanya's protruding finger. "If it's okay with... ah!"

Lancer had never seen his lover so relaxed, so submissive; Scott's usually serious, even stoically handsome features had softened to a sweet surrender, the half-supported weight of the tall man that hovered above him keeping his body tightly against the blanket.

"Yes." Lancer's whisper was definite; it was an easy decision to make. "Why not -- " He gasped when Corinn wrapped his arms around his torso and lifted him up against his chest abruptly before turning to face Scott and Vanya and pulling Lancer to sit between the bulks of his thighs with a steely, commanding grip.

"Then watch."

Lancer swallowed when Vanya rolled Scott over to his back gently and began to massage his chest this time, his thumbs gliding over the young man's nipples repeatedly before wandering across the perfect set of abs and meeting the straining erection that greeted Vanya's scented palm eagerly.

"Just as gorgeous as the rest of you, Scottie." Vanya chuckled and straightened his back, letting go of his playmate briefly in order to get rid of his own pants that soon vanished into the darkness. But when he kneeled down between Scott's legs again, the blue eyes that met his body widened, and the man bit his lip with a frown. "I... I haven't done this for a while."

"Perhaps it's time you did it again, then." Vanya smirked and leaned forward, covering Scott's body with his own and letting his lips attack the young man's neck, eliciting a series of stifled moans from the rosy lips. Lancer shivered against Corinn's chest as the man's fingers roamed across his belly and then down to his thigh, teasingly avoiding his throbbing arousal that was already begging for some attention from its dazed owner. But there was no mercy; Corinn's one-armed embrace was still tight and showed no signs of slackening, and Vanya kept glancing at his silent audience as his mouth traveled to Scott's nipples, nibbling them until the man nearly screamed and arched his back under the persistent touch.

"I'm not sure if he can take it, Vanya." Lancer's voice was hoarse. "You're so big. You need to prepare him well -- "

"Don't worry, Lancer. He knows what he's doing." Corinn smiled against his slender captive's silken hair. "He'll do it just right."

Lancer's gaze never left his lover's features as Scott's expression switched from agonizing pleasure to instant rapture when Vanya finally began to lick his twitching erection and then engulfed it with his expert mouth.

"Do you like what you see?" That was Corinn; Lancer shuddered again. "...yes."

"Would you like me to touch you as well?"

Vanya's tongue circled the head of his willing victim's arousal devotedly, laving the moisture that kept welling from the slit around with meticulous care. Lancer recognized the look on his lover's face; it wouldn't be long until Scott would come if Vanya kept tormenting him like that. "Yes, Corinn... Please."

A large hand enclosed Lancer's erection, and he rested his head on his friend's stone-hard pectoral. Vanya's finger that had buried itself inside Scott's body again was soon joined with another... and another. More oil, more scent, more pleasure, and the young pilot was sobbing his torturer's name aloud now.

Lancer was already breathing hard when Corinn suddenly let go of him, pulled away and removed his own briefs quickly before returning to his friend who looked back over his shoulder with clouded, needy eyes.

"Pass the oil, will you, Vanya?" Corinn's voice was filled with delight when Lancer curled up against his firm body like a white, graceful cat in serious heat. "It's time we got this synchronized."

Moments later Lancer, already slippery with oil, rocked his buttocks against Corinn's impressive tool that was soon completely sheeted with the scented substance and kept gliding up and down between the young man's cheeks, and they both knew what was expected of them next: as soon as Vanya would claim his young playmate's body, Corinn would do the same. Pulling Lancer to straddle his lap, he toyed with his white angel's nipples, eyes concentrated on Vanya who finally guided himself to Scott's tiny opening, and when his lover began to enter the dark-haired beauty whose eyes snapped wide open and who let out a harsh cry, Corinn lifted Lancer up by his waist to meet his own arousal as well.

The young man descended on it slowly, easing his friend's erection in inch by inch, imitating Vanya's restrained thrusts and savoring Scotts overwhelmed expression, and when both Vanya's and Corinn's fingers closed around their companions' arousals again, the air turned heavy with moans, first quiet, hissing, hardly audible, then louder, cut only by soft grunts and sighs and then eventually by Scott's desperate, incoherent pleading as he began to slip over the edge in Vanya's hands.

Lancer rode in frenzy, head thrown back under panting Corinn's chin and eyes barely open to see Scott mewling, trashing like never before as Vanya buried himself to the hilt over and over again, the intense heat from the living, blazing, dancing fire around him, the impaling force of Corinn's shaft that nearly tore him in half, and then he felt it, the rippling premonition of paradise to come that climbed up his inner thighs, knotted itself around his groin and - there --

He arched his back and screamed, and his voice met Scott's in perfect, pure harmony.


"That spaceport was really one hell of a mess. I was sure we wouldn't get out of there alive." Arria collapsed on the hotel room bed and wiped his eyes with a groan. "Well, it was worth the try anyway. Wonder what the boys are doing there tonight, though."

"I think I have a pretty good idea."

Arria felt his chuckling partner sit down next to him and started. "Are you suggesting... that our innocent, rational Scott and sweet, sentient Lancer would... with Vanya and Corinn? Oh no, not possible, not in a million years."

"Want me to prove it?" Osip leaned down to taste his lover's mouth. "Don't look so surprised. I think you're just forgetting something."

"I'm forgetting - what?"

"Something we had installed in the cabin last spring." Osip grinned at Arria's horrified expression and watched the man brace himself on his elbows. "Holy mothers of various deities. You're not saying, that -- "

Osip reached out for his computer. "I already took a good look at this show while you were in the bathroom. And I have to admit I was having trouble believing my eyes as well."

A vast image of a darkened room with four very naked people in it spread on the wall, and Arria's eyes widened in amazement. "Oh... my -- "

Osip moved his finger across the screen, and the angle changed swiftly, zooming into Scott's delirious face and then out again to witness the men reach their climax almost simultaneously only half a minute later.

"I feel like a damn voyeur again." Arria's voice was husky when he suddenly felt his lover's hands on the fly of his pants, tugging and stroking, and then his mouth was briefly sealed with a passionate kiss before Osip moved down along his squirming body and let his lips touch his partner's already weeping erection with a smile.

"Well, at least we're there in spirit, right?" Osip's tongue made a couple of tentative twirls, and before Arria had time to breathe out his answer, he took all of the gorgeous arousal in his mouth with a blissful, contented sigh.

© Alexandria 2003

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