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Corinn and Vanya getting down and dirty in a garage. PWP!

- Written in April 2005. Rating MA.


In the Garage

"Oh fuck."

That's what it was supposed to sound like, anyway, but what came out was closer to 'hmffhg'. That was because Corinn had to keep his mouth firmly shut while uttering it to make sure that the screws clamped firmly between his lips wouldn't find their way into his throat, or windpipe, or both.

He really wanted to wipe away the droplet of sweat that was steadily trickling towards the inner corner of his left eye despite frowns and squinting, but could not. He was lying on his back underneath a vehicle he'd not bothered to place on the hoisting device, and there was simply too little room to raise an arm. And yet that was exactly what he had to do.

Gingerly Corinn maneuvered his hand closer to his face, at the last possible moment saw the generous layer of grease and dust that covered his fingers, and changed his mind. Instead he spat the screws onto his palm, crunched his eyes tightly closed for a moment, then peered to his left.

"Pass me the smaller wrenches, will you?" he grunted.

Nothing happened and after a while he tried again: "Vanya? I need the smaller set of wrenches."

Still no answer. Corinn huffed, then slid out from his cramped confines on the car creeper and made a very annoyed face at Vanya who was sitting on an upturned box not full three meters away, apparently doing nothing.

Vanya raised his sun-bleached eyebrows, head tilting in question. "What?"

"If you insist on hanging around, you might at least try to be useful," Corinn grumbled acidly, grabbed the small box from the floor and tried to pull his sizable chest in enough to squeeze back underneath the vehicle. Why the hell hadn't he hoisted it up, for that matter?

"Sorry, didn't hear you say anything." In the corner of his eye Corinn saw Vanya's long, trouser-clad legs stretch out. "Too busy admiring the scenery."

Corinn snorted, cautiously sliding himself and the creeper back into the low space. "What? What's so interesting, you lout? You like watching others work, is that it?"

"Naah... not that." He could hear the snicker in Vanya's voice. "But there's this very nice-looking bulge on display there, you know. Not to mention a very nice pair of thighs, though maybe you ought to cut back the workout a bit, Gorgeous. Your overalls are getting damn tight at the ass."

There was a groan from below the vehicle. "Vanya Shenovski, if you're just gonna be a nuisance, do me a favor and get out of this garage, will you?"

"Me, a nuisance? Gorgeous, you wound me..."

Corinn cursed under his breath. The effect that that husky laughter invariably had on some very sensitive parts of his anatomy was the last thing he needed right now. What he needed was to get the vehicle repaired and back to the people using it.

The sad fact was just that it had only taken that one throaty chuckle – now his overalls were definitely getting tight, and not only at the ass. Heroically he resisted the impulse to reach down and rearrange himself and merely cursed again for good measure.

"That's really not fair," Vanya observed from his perch. "You're there as if on a tray, laying on your back, knees up, legs apart... and I'm asked to keep my hands to myself?"

Corinn's head jerked up and it was only by a hair's breadth that he managed to stop it before he hit his forehead against thick and very solid metal. "You," he snarled, "you stay right where you are, or I'll kick you!"

Vanya laughed again. "You're touchy today," he drawled. "It can't be because of too little sex, so the next question is, have you overworked yourself recently? But hey, I'm not cruel."

Corinn held his breath and peered suspiciously at Vanya's boots that he could see in the corner of his eye. Yes, definitely, his partner had got up and was now standing right next to the vehicle but at a strategic distance from the creeper - and Corinn's legs.

"You're not gonna do it," he stated with conviction.

"You're so right," Vanya admitted. "I'm not, as long as you're under that thing. I don't want you to get hurt."

"Awfully kind of you," Corinn said with some difficulty while trying to persuade the screws back in place with trembling fingers.

"Although, looking at what I can see of you, I'm getting a bit worried here," Vanya continued. "Those overalls look rather uncomfortable. Are you sure you'll be all right?"

Corinn swore loudly and let the tools fall with a clink on the floor. A swift kick with one heel made the creeper shoot out from its slot under the vehicle, and Corinn squinted threateningly up at Vanya who crouched next to him leaning elbows on knees.

"Hey," the blond man said, eyes slitting with a wide grin, "did you get it done already?"

"No," Corinn replied and grabbed him with both grimy, greasy hands.

The creeper squealed faintly as the already hefty weight on it suddenly doubled, but it was of good solid make and didn't voice any more complaints. Corinn kissed his partner voraciously, growling into the kiss, then pushed Vanya away just enough to take a few deep breaths. Vanya laughed.

"Man, I just love teasing you..."

"Don't I know that," Corinn mumbled. "But payback can be a bitch sometimes."

He wiggled his graphite-dark fingers next to Vanya's face and flashed a feral grin as the man gave them a suspicious, slanted look.

"You wouldn't."

"True," Corinn sighed. "But I've already got your jacket dirty, anyway."

"It's just a jacket," Vanya reasoned with a shrug, large hands diving between their bodies.

Opening the zipper of Corinn's overalls took him a while, which prompted his partner to breathless complaints, but mercifully soon he released the man's very hard erection from its prison and stroked it expertly.

"Anyone could come in here," Corinn managed before his eyes just rolled back in his head.

"No they can't," Vanya said, nipping the side of Corinn's neck with his front teeth. "I seem to have accidentally closed the doors. Relax, Gorgeous – nobody else will come here except us."

Corinn was too busy divesting his blond lover of the loose-fitting cargo pants to comment. He had completely forgotten that his hands were only marginally cleaner than a while ago, nor did Vanya offer any protests when hard fingers closed around his cock.

Panted swearing and encouraging words of doubtful coherency were the only sounds for the next few moments. Even the car creeper decided to stay quiet under the entangled bodies of the couple enthusiastically jerking each other off, although it must be said that it didn't remain entirely in one place.

Vanya made a face, cheek pressed on Corinn's shoulder. He felt pleasantly hazy from the orgasm, but the lazy pumping that resonated through his body was echoed far less pleasantly in his head; he had bumped it against the still unrepaired vehicle at a rather crucial moment. Damn creeper...

"You don't want to do that."

Vanya raised his head to glare at Corinn who had grabbed his wrist just moments before he'd managed to rub the smarting spot on his head. "What?"

"You don't want to get that in your hair," Corinn elaborated.

Vanya looked at his own hand, streaked black with grease and white with something else, and burst into breathless laughter. "Oh fuck, what a sight we must be!"

"Last time I'll ever have you around when I'm working," Corinn said with resignation. "Let's get out of here and go to have a shower."

"Yeah." Vanya scrambled on his feet and pulled Corinn up, then closed the relevant parts of his clothing. When he turned to brush at least some of the dust off his trousers, Corinn laughed aloud. "What?"

"That does it," Corinn guffawed. "No chance that the guys wouldn't guess what we've been up to."

Vanya tried to twist around to see his own backside and grinned. From what he could see, his trousers had a very distinct handprint exactly on his left buttock. In a position where he couldn't possibly have put it himself.

"Sheesh, Gorgeous, you're so damn possessive," he said shaking his head. "Always have to leave your mark on me, do you?"

"No bitching, Hunk," Corinn retorted. "Let's go now. I'm sure you've got this greasy mess all over you, and I need to scrub it off."

"Sounds like a plan," Vanya said with a wink and pressed his thumb on the door controller.

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