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Corinn in town on a Monday, all alone... at least to start with... Written on a Monday for Scribblemoose who was having a bad day.

- Written in April 2004. Rating MA.


Monday, bloody Monday?

Of course grinding his teeth together and emitting a steady stream of murmured curses through them wasn't exactly the right way to brighten up an unusually gray morning, but he couldn't help it. Nor did the exercise in any way lessen the small but persistent headache that kept nagging in the back of his head. But it was the only thing he could think of to kick himself through the day.

Corinn rubbed the back of his neck and grimaced. He hadn't slept well at all; yet another reason why this Monday was sure to be one hell of a shitty day. First the urgent call to visit Trelissac on a Sunday that had been supposed to be his day off. Then finding out that with all the different deliveries and technical problems, he would have to stay the night in the city. And now, to top it off, a Monday full of driving around the place.

Of course the rooms they had at their disposal at the Radysson Estates were not lacking in comfort, but he'd already been overtired and grumpy when he'd got there. And then there'd been the fact that the bed had not contained a certain tanned, blonde, blue-eyed bunch of muscle. That was a serious drawback, one that had prevented Corinn from sleeping very well. So now he was even grumpier, even more tired, with gritty eyes and a promising start of a tension headache. Just splendid.

The comm alerted, he glanced at it and let out another florid curse. And he had been sort of counting on the two-hour break he'd scheduled for himself on the afternoon... but no such luck. Better to just grab something to eat at some point, because even that break was hereby cancelled. Corinn added yet another destination to his itinerary and sighed.

A few hours later he jumped back to the van, ready to strangle somebody. Obviously the latest addition to his route had been a mistake —the people at the depot had been surprised and apologetic but firmly insisted that there was no delivery scheduled for the Plains Base today. Corinn really wanted to know who the bloody hell was responsible for the mix-up, and could he please be allowed to skin the guy before boiling him in oil. He grabbed the controls.


"Tsk tsk..." said a very familiar voice from behind him and the bulky arm around his neck tightened just a little. "Take it easy, gorgeous."

"What are you doing here?" Corinn twisted around in his seat to make sure that the voice and the arm were not, by some cosmic joke, there without the rest of the man. Vanya grinned to him and loosened his surprise hold.

"Hitched a lift from Hal." Vanya plopped into the other front seat and leered. "You sounded so goddamn cross when you called last night that I decided dire measures were in order. Sorry about this setup, by the way. Wanted to surprise you."

"You sure did." Corinn didn't want to let go of his ill humor quite so easily, but it was rapidly evaporating anyway. "But what're you doing here?"

Vanya glanced at the time. "You have now, what, two hours and a quarter before the next agreed stop, right?"

"Yeah. Must pick up something at Gehell's."

"Which is practically next door to the Radysson Estates." Vanya stretched his legs across the aisle. "Okay, to the Estates then! And no complaints, man. Just drive there."

Corinn glanced at his partner suspiciously but started the van anyway. After all, his timetable was off already, and there was nothing much to do now but wait.

It didn't take them much over fifteen minutes to reach the parking hall, leave the van waiting and get themselves into the elevators. Corinn grunted when a big warm hand settled against his upper back, and couldn't help pressing back into the touch. Vanya chuckled.

"You need a massage," he said in a low voice, breath washing over Corinn's nape. "And just for the record, I didn't like sleeping alone either."

Corinn closed his eyes as he heard the quiet chime of the elevator doors and let the hand on his back guide him forward. The apartment was empty, of course, and by the number of steps they took he gathered that they were headed for the same bedroom he'd occupied the previous night. At last the gentle pressure on his back eased and he stopped, unwilling to lose the contact.

"Okay, gorgeous. We've got nearly two hours. Now let's make the most of them."

Corinn just stood there and let Vanya peel off his jacket and trousers. Vanya nudged him forward. "Kneel on the bed, I can't get your shoes off if you're standing... there, that's my big boy."

Finally Corinn was splayed on his stomach on the bed, wearing only a pair of boxers, waiting with abated breath for what would happen next. He hadn't opened his eyes all the while and was now simply listening to Vanya's movements behind him. He heard the rustle of clothes, a tiny squeak of something plastic, then felt the bed dip a little; Vanya had sat down, or maybe knelt down next to him.

"All right now," the blonde hummed to Corinn, whose nose picked up a warm, sensuous scent. Sandalwood at least, and something else, something a little more spicy. "Just relax, my man. Your slave is here just to make you feel good."

Hands, slick with oil, descended on both sides of Corinn's back and began to knead gently. The mattress swayed a little as Vanya shifted closer and settled to half-sit on Corinn's thighs. Corinn groaned. The legs squeezing his hips in a snug hold were bare. So warm, so hard and so smooth at the same time. Vanya laughed quietly and the thighs clasped just a little tighter. "Better already? Hmm, your back does feel a little knotty..."

He went on, methodically and efficiently, leaving no square inch of Corinn's bare back untouched. Merciless fingers delved deeper, probed and untangled, warmed and softened each muscle. They knew exactly when to be hard and when to go gently. Corinn felt like he were floating; like somebody had melted down all his bones, leaving only his warm, oily skin full of warm liquid for Vanya's expert hands to shape however they pleased. The headache melted away together with his bones. His head was just humming quietly, pleasantly.

Finally the hands just glided up and down a few times, thumbs slid along the dip of backbone and palms settled on Corinn's lower back, just above the buttocks. "There... wake up, gorgeous, you mustn't fall asleep now."

"'m not sleeping," Corinn murmured indistinctly. The thumbs rubbed harder.

"Whatever... but maybe I'd better wake you up anyway." Laughter was rumbling in Vanya's voice. His fingers dipped under the waistband of Corinn's last remaining piece of clothing and pulled them down, sliding along the crack with teasing slowness. "Hmm, what have we got here?"

One hand continued downwards to dive between muscular legs. Corinn's breath hissed when fingers touched his balls and kneaded them gently. He lifted his hips to let the hand get a good hold of his hardening cock and it obligingly did exactly as he had wished. Corinn couldn't hold back a low groan.

"Turn around." Vanya's weight shifted away, but Corinn felt it his duty to protest.

"What's the time?"

"Time enough," Vanya retorted. "C'mon, gorgeous. I came here to give you some TLC, and I'm only halfway through. Just relax now."

Corinn wriggled around and then just plopped back on the bed, eyes irresistibly closing again. Sure hands rubbed the insides of his thighs, pushed them apart, brushed and squeezed his cock while Vanya settled comfortably between his legs.

"Fucking tease!" Corinn panted when Vanya blew on the wet tip of his cock, and heard the man's grin.

"Gorgeous, that was an unfounded accusation. Have I ever let you down?"

Whatever Corinn had been going to say, it probably hadn't been unintelligible to start with. However, the delivery was definitely mangled, because just then Vanya smiled to him a little and let Corinn's cock slide slowly into his mouth.

It felt good, it felt so goddamn good, it made Corinn groan and gasp and claw the bedcovers in an attempt to ground himself. Vanya's arms were strong and heavy against his thighs, knowing fingers rubbed rhythmically that sensitive spot just behind his balls. Corinn grabbed a hold of Vanya's short hair, fought against the urge to force the hot mouth to take all of him inside, he wanted to buck his hips but Vanya was pinning him down, and he wasn't going to last much longer.

Corinn arched up from the bed when orgasm hit him and made his breath hitch, then slowly went limp again. He opened his eyes, listening to the last spasms of pleasure and to Vanya's breath on his crotch. The warm weight next to him moved again and he looked up into ice-blue eyes, feeling how a broad, stupidly satisfied grin spread inexorably on his face. Vanya smiled.

"How was that for stress relief, partner?" he rumbled under his breath. Corinn sighed.

"Never better," he said throatily. "But what about you?"

Vanya scooted just a little closer and ground his erection against Corinn, a lazy roll of the hips. "Naah, I'll be okay. Might save this till later."

"Or how about a hand job in the shower?" Corinn offered. "What's the time?"

"We must go to the shower now," Vanya admitted and kissed Corinn's neck just under the ear. "Especially if I take you up on that offer."

Corinn grinned to his blonde partner and stretched his arms above his head. "Yeah, let's get going," he agreed. "But - you're incredible, hunk. Just so that you know."

"Hey." Vanya draped himself around Corinn and kissed him slowly, thoroughly. "I'm afraid we're getting old, or something. Not able to sleep one night properly without the other one around."

"Tch, nothin' of the kind," Corinn grunted and squeezed Vanya tighter. "We've just got used to having the best, all the time. And compared to the best, having nothing feels like - nothing at all."

"You said it, partner. Now, shower."

"Yes, hunk... and it looks like that hand job is definitely in order."

"Mmm. I won't say no to that, gorgeous."

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